Xquery updating function

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[XQuery In Action]), it has more and more become a complete application programming language.One such scenario in which XQuery is used as a full-fledged programming language is called the end-to-end XML architecture.

The aim of this paper is (1) to motivate the need for XQuery design patterns using a real-world example application and (2) to explore the existence of general design solutions to solve recurring problems in large-scale XQuery applications.

William recently graduated from Telecom Lille 1 in France.

His final year project was about XQuery Design Patterns.

Matthias Brantner is the chief architect of 28msec, a US-based startup that delivers an XQuery in the cloud implementation.

He studied Information Systems at the University of Mannheim in Germany from 1999 until 2004.

Besides motivating the use of design patterns for XQuery, the contributions of this paper are (1) to identify misfits in a real-world application and (2) to show how these misfits can be remedied by using design patterns.

Specifically, we present four design patterns and describe how each of them solves one specific design problem in our (running) example application.Dennis Knochenwefel is a Software Architect at 28msec Inc.Dennis joined 28msec in 2007 after finishing his combined degree in Business Administration and Computer Science at the University of Mannheim, Germany.In 2007, he acquired a Ph D from the University of Mannheim, based on his research on rewriting declarative query languages.Matthias has published several papers on XML query processing and co-developed one of the first research native XML databases.In such an architecture, XML is the primary form in which information is stored and processed.