Who is trina dating now

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Who is trina dating now - Dating site swinger web

After over two decades of love, hate and everything in between, Sean 'Diddy' Combs and mother of some of his children, Kim Porter seem to have jumped back on the relationship bike and were spotted shopping in Malibu on Thursday Kim and the I'll Be Missing You star have a long history having started dating in 1994 and having an on and off again relationship until 2007, when he started dating Cassie, who he also had an on and off relationship.

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André had suggested that Tori try out for the lead in "Moonlight Magic", a play Tori had originally worked on with André.Cat gets tired of Robbie trying to go out with Trina, so she explains to Robbie that you can't just assume that you are dating from a stage kiss.She also explains that you can fake passion through acting, which she demonstrates by kissing him.Robbie kisses Trina at lunch, which leaves her in such shock that she spits skim milk in his face, which he hopes to be soy milk.Trina is later seen constantly being approached by Robbie and rejecting him over and over.Tori angrily tells Trina that the song itself was her present.

When Trina says that Tori failed in getting her a present and Tori said, "I can't believe you're that shallow! The next day, Trina walks in and tells Tori that she sold the song to her friend's uncle, who owns a record label, used the money to buy a hat (which she now considers as Tori's present to her), and got the opportunity to record the song professionally.

Trina kicks Tori's project partner Ian out and insists that Tori helps her and André with the song that she plans to perform, Make It Shine.

While working together, Tori and André form a fast and strong friendship despite Trina driving them insane.

It doesn't work, as Robbie is now interested in Cat; he asks Cat to meet his parents directly after the kiss.

This proves that Robbie's feelings for Trina were not genuine, although it is still hinted for a while after this episode that he still has a crush on her.

Trina fixes the problem by calling Tori and André to come to the studio.