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View View View View View View #P20987 AUSTRIA petit point evening bag in a floral motif with a central architectural cartouche and a pink and white enameled frame accented with marcasites, 6-3/4" by 7-1/2".

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Some fabric used in these purses was older fabric being re-used, and some was designed especially for purses.

Some of these bags were also imported from Europe, especially Austria.

PETIT POINT purse 9 inches long and 7-1/2" wide across the frame.

One 1/4" piece of the tan suede is broken but in place as can be seen in the picture.

Similar purse BLACK velvet 7" by 5-1/2" purse with silver cherubs, flowers, dolphins 6" by 2" frame and 3" belt chatelaine with 3-1/2" chains, German, stamped 800 silver and dated 1880/90. View View View View View #P28879 BLACK Deco purse in ruffled black with cut steel beads and a marcasite clasp, black celluloid frame, 7" body with 5" base that expands, 8" handle.

See other cut steel purses in Haertig's "More Beautiful Purses" on page 256-7 and VICTORIAN French black velvet purse with cut steel brads and beads on tan suede design. The purse body is 12" including the 2-1/4" fringe by 6-1/4" wide with a 16" handle, and the lining frayed but still inside.

The cut steel brads have 14 facets in the older style, and a matching mirror is included inside.

Excellent condition with no flaws or missing beads on the outside, but one 1-1/4" straight slit in the inside green lining. There is no lining remaining, but the original tag is inside on a thread.

Also inside the purse about half of one side of the top portion has been re-stitched to the fabric liner (see in the picture) but it is not visible from the outside.

Purses come in almost as many styles, colors and sizes as women do themselves! Some like the materials they from which they are made, some the way their colors set off an outfit, and some for all the little fittings inside.

Pouches in which to carry necessities may go back as far or farther even than clothing.

The body is in excellent condition but the inside is shredding. Most glass beads came from France, Italy, Czechoslovakia and Germany.