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Tigers are generally solitary cats, unless a female is caring for her cubs, and maintain a home range that can be several square miles, depending on habitat and the amount of prey available; males tend to have larger territories than the females.

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The “white tigers” found in some zoos are not albino but rather the white-and-tan color variation with blue eyes (true albinos have pink eyes).

: flooded mangrove forests, arid forests, tropical forests, and taiga.

The different subspecies are found in small areas of Asia, India, and Russia.

Tigers use their sandpaper-rough tongues to scrape the last bits of meat from the bones of a meal.

A tiger makes a kill once or twice a week and eats as much as it can.

They seek out water to swim while most cats avoid it.

Tigers even have partially webbed toes and aren’t discouraged by a river if there is prey on the other side.In the wild, they prefer pigs and deer, while in some parts of Asia a tiger may bring down a rhino or elephant calf.At the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, the tigers are fed a specialized carnivore diet, carcasses, and large bones.The Safari Park has a small group of Sumatran tigers, but in the wild there are less than 400 remaining.These tigers are slightly smaller than the Indochinese subspecies.Mommy Tapes is craziest family Russian sex tube on the net that involve thousands and thousands of incredible daddy sex movies that feature the most sizzling hot mom and dad hardcore action that you will ever get your hands on.