Updating libc

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Failing to replace the symlinks with static directories will result in missing and/or out of date headers.Occasionally, there’s a need for a new GNU C Library for a given application to run.

The interpreter name is specified as part of the platform ABI, and it does not change from glibc release to glibc release.It is not completely clear why this so: You generally need two builds today (for i386 and x86_64), and even a single binary would still need testing on all supported GNU/Linux distributions because of differences in system libraries and deployed kernel versions, so there is little reduction on the QA side.However, cross-distribution execution of programs (that is, running programs built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Debian, or vice versa) is currently a reality.Mere backporting of interfaces will not make the system glibc acceptable to software which performs such explicit version checks.Software Collections are a way to replace system components with updated versions, without altering the core system environment.There is no fundamental technical reason why RPM dependencies have to be generated in this way, but it is the way the dependency generator currently works.

(For example, Debian uses symbols files to automatically relax package dependencies to the oldest possible version.) However, Chrome just checks the glibc version, without examining which functionality is actually needed.

For example, some versions of the Google Chrome browser started to warn users on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 that future versions of Chrome would not support their operating system.

The Chromium source code contained a version check, flagging all versions of the GNU C Library (glibc) older than 2.19 as obsolete.

There is currently no support for a proxy loader, nor any definition of the metadata that might be used to run this process.

With a change to the application build process, a different ELF interpreter could be used (this time under /opt, like the rest of software collections).

I just completed this upgrade from glibc-2.2.4 to glibc-2.3.2.