Updating firewalls

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Updating firewalls

While it may not be necessary for you to engage every piece of every service, it is critical that your firewall remain current and capable of serving its purpose: protecting your network.Some technology providers may offer “FWaa S,” or Firewall as a Service, which will boil all of your firewall needs down into one monthly fee that automatically takes care of all renewals and updates.

You can also download and install the latest version from airtame.com/download and it will replace your previous version.

If you need additional, detailed instructions on how to disable or turn off a specific firewall or anti-virus software, contact the software company directly.

for those users running Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Below we’ll break down what your service and support packages include, and whether or not they are truly critical to your firewall’s functionality.

Having “support” on your firewall means that you’re able to email, chat, or call the manufacturer with questions regarding your device’s functionality and usage.

From there, you are in a much better position to keep your network secure, your staff productive, and your business thriving.

Important: Please review https://kb.juniper.net/TSB16495​ and https://kb.juniper.net/TSB16496 before proceeding further.The Airtame app checks for software updates regularly.If there is an update available, you will see a green bar at the top of the app.to a certain website and your machine (and, by extension, your network) could become infected with damaging malware. Your firewall is the device responsible for protecting all of your critical network endpoints—where your servers meet the internet, and where your workstations meet the internet.I don’t think you’ll come across an IT support company that doesn’t stress the importance of having a firewall at your site.You may need to update the image signing key on the firewall before an upgrade / downgrade.