Updating 1970s homes

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Updating 1970s homes - wow dating show

The community centre associations and the independently elected Park Board stand in the way of the city’s access to these lands for a similar housing fate as now being considered for Britannia.

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None of the apartment zoning that was added to or expanded counted either.But our parks and recreation system is not real estate assets to be developed for housing. Vancouver is designed to have neighbourhoods with parks, community centres and schools on large historic sites that make communities walkable and sustainable.These amenities and open green spaces will become even more critical as the city densifies over time, as they are the heart and lungs of the city.The Kerrisdale Community Centre Society had a large meeting of 496 members of which 97 per cent voted to reject the proposed joint operating agreement. Most CCAs are opposed, still negotiating, or in the courts.Donnie Rosa, director of recreation at the Park Board, sent messages to the associations saying the issue would be dealt with at the next Park Board meeting on Oct. In fact, a report will not be considered or direction given until Oct. Wiebe said: “No actions will be taken on (joint operating agreements) until after the meeting and direction is given from the commissioners.Vancouver is unique in its independent Park Board structure.

This has served us well since it has ensured that publicly elected park commissioners have been in control of parks and recreational lands, facilities, programming, and revenue.

Opening up these large historic sites to housing will mean the public open spaces and amenities that make the city livable will be encroached upon just when increased density throughout the city puts more demand on their use. Located in Grandview near Commercial Dr., it is a large site that was put together in the 1970s under the Dave Barrett NDP government that recognized the community was drastically underserved for services.

Many neighbourhoods are already underserved for parks and amenities. They cleared the site of 77 expropriated houses that were demolished or relocated. C.’s Minister of Municipal Affairs at the time Britannia was created, says: “Britannia should be protected to serve the community without further encumbrances of housing in an already complex management structure.”To see where the future of city-wide facilities are going, all one has to do is look at what transpired at Britannia last week.

It’s the reason most of us are here and why we fought so hard to join the (joint operating agreement) process, during which time we tried to create a more transparent process that was built on respect.

We all understand that the process wasn’t perfect yet we were to find solutions that could work.”But this message doesn’t seem to be reflected at the Park Board meetings or getting through to how staff is implementing the process. 30 has been set for CCAs to sign this new joint operating agreement.

Some associations go back 70 years, with many also building the community centres, either in whole or in part.

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