Top dating spots

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Top dating spots

The griddle cakes are oatmeal based, cooked perfectly, and sweetened, eliminating the need for any syrups or sweeteners.

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But, if we’re being totally honest, when you’re looking for the best place to go on a date, that list suddenly gets pretty small after rejecting places for being too small, too big, too loud, or too trashy.It’s not crazily pretentious, doesn’t suffer any ego or attitude that you’d find elsewhere on the Sunset strip, and above all, the Indonesian coffee is just good, which to be honest, is kinda the main thing that matters when it comes to a coffee spot.On a sunny Los Angeles morning, get a seat outside and soak up the rays, and it’s quiet enough inside to enjoy the conversation on your date without having to shout over stomach-thumping music that should only be reserved for The Abbey at 1 a.m.The best part is, that while it may be pretty busy at night for dinner, lunch is often quiet and you’re normally able to walk in without a reservation.It offers a limited lunch special of various satay, but my suggestion would be to skip that and to just order off the full menu.They’re cheap too, at only for a plate of the OG griddle cakes, but you can splurge a few extra bucks to fancy it with Pink Lady apples, banana nut, or chocolate chips.

And if you’re looking for something even more filling, order sides including home fries and a truly spectacular molasses-cured picnic ham because, well, ordinary bacon is just a little too basic for this place.

Focus on impressing your date with your informed conversation about how authentic the Thai food actually is.

THE AFTER WORK DRINKS DATE: Zinque This place attracts a certain crowd, but nonetheless, it’s still one of West Hollywood’s most picturesque places to get an after-work drink.

It’s honestly very affordable, with generous portions.

The Thai boxing chicken plays off the traditional street vendor food of Bangkok, and the BBQ chicken brings a wonderfully robust and smokey flavor.

Served with a refreshing papaya salad and sticky rice presented in a cute little basket, it’s a simple and unassuming dish that holds its own.

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