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We were working with Jesse Shatkin, who had worked with Greg Kurstin on Heartthrob with us. I’m trying to use our experience as sisters and our conflict when we were younger. I was really tapping back into how complicated our relationship is.

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We didn’t play any guitar, and there was definitely no guitar in our demos.I think I was already doing that as far back as the Sainthood era [in 2009].A lot of the guitar I did in that era, I wanted it to sound like a keyboard.TIME: This album continues the pop sound you introduced on Heartthrob, but it departs in a few radical ways.Namely, is this the first Tegan and Sara album without a single guitar on it?For the duo’s upcoming eighth album, Love You to Death, Tegan and Sara reunited with Heartthrob producer Greg Kurstin—a.k.a.

the guy who went on to produce that inescapable Adele song—but they’re anything but complacent after ascending to the mainstream.

But in a way the song sounds like it’s a breakup song because it was a breakup, it really was.

What ever happened to the songs you worked on with Carly Rae Jepsen?

The new record, out June 3, finds the band more or less leaving guitars behind for slick dance-pop on songs like the lead single “Boyfriend.” The twin sisters also push their subject matter to new territory, revisiting the darker moments of their sibling relationship on songs like the devastating piano ballad “100x.” “Because our relationship is in such a good place, it’s easier to start to analyze and look back at just how bad it was at times,” says the band’s Sara Quin.

Below, she fills TIME in on working with Kurstin, writing about each other and whatever happened to those Carly Rae Jepsen sessions.

She is really devoted and dedicated to what she does.