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Authorities are waiting for the results from additional blood and saliva samples.

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Williams has been convicted of raping two women and will serve a 61-year sentence. Already serving a 50-year-sentence for a felony, his DNA was entered into a state databank, resulting in the match. Already serving time for burglary, his DNA matched samples found at the crime scenes. 3/7/03: Michael Arthur Stephan has been sentenced to prison for the rape of a 19-year-old woman. 2/20/03: Kevin Smith has been convicted with the 1996 rape of a teenager in New York City. DNA from the rape kit was analyzed this year as part of the NYPD's "Project Backlog," which "analyzes the DNA in rape kits collected in about 17,000 unsolved sexual assault cases and compares it to a state database of DNA taken from convicted felons." (Daily News (New York), 2/20/03). Griffin has been found guilty of nine counts of rape, sodomy, burglary, assault, and robbery involving a 10-year-old girl. Rawlings has been charged with entering retail stores, tying up the clerks, and raping them at gunpoint. After serving a 15-year sentence for robbery, Rawlings, by law, submitted his DNA sample upon release. 1/11/03: A new DNA test has confirmed that Kenneth Charron, who is serving time for a 1985 rape, committed the crime. DNA evidence from the attacks matched a 1999 sexual assault case involving Fortune. 1/5/03: Allegheny County's crime lab (Pennsylvania) had their first cold hit when a 1998 stabbing was solved through DNA evidence. 1/1/03: Virginia has begun obtaining DNA samples from all individuals charged with a violent felony, the most aggressive such effort in the nation. 12/12/02: DNA evidence may have linked Clyde Carl Wilkerson with the 1975 rape and murder of a Tulsa college student. A sample taken from a Colorado convict resulted in a cold hit with evidence collected from the California crime. 12/05/02: The backlog of DNA samples waiting to be analyzed by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation is so large that "agencies can expect a 127-day wait from the time the sample is submitted until they get a response." (Rocky Mountain News, 12/5/02). 11/5/02: An unidentified man who sexually assaulted six women in Montana in 19 raped a woman in New Mexico in 2001. 10/31/02: DNA evidence has linked Clyde Carl Wilkerson, a 63-year-old ex-convict, to two 1965 rape-murders near San Diego. 10/25/02: John Morris, serving time for attempted auto burglary, has been linked through DNA evidence to a 1982 murder. 10/25/02: DNA evidence has linked a 16-year-old boy to an alleged rape of a female classmate in Wisconsin. 10/22/02: The Forth Worth Police Department's crime lab recently received an 6,000 grant to help process its backlog of DNA evidence. Lash has already been sentenced to 60 years in prison for the 1998 rape of a real estate agent. He may be implicated in as many as six rapes of homeless women over since 1999. His DNA sampled resulted in a "cold hit" two years ago.

The employee stabbed Felder during the attack, and the DNA linked him to the crime. 6/29/02: Ray Arviso, Jr., already serving time in prison, has been charged with two rapes occurring in 19 (New Mexico).

DNA evidence linked him to the crimes after being run through the FBI's DNA Index. 6/29/02: Richard Evonitz may be linked to a kidnapping and rape of a South Carolina girl and to the murders of three Virginia girls in the late 1990s because of DNA evidence. Authorities are comparing DNA from the crimes in Virginia and South Carolina. 6/28/02: Jay Taylor has been charged with the 1999 rape and strangling death of a Fort Lauderdale woman after DNA from a rape attempt in Miami Beach matched evidence from the 1999 rape.

6/11/03: Gerald Edwin Wright has been charged with three rapes that occurred in Greensboro, NC, in 2002. Williams, who had already served time for a previous rape, was linked to the crime by his DNA evidence. He also has been charged with other crimes including two counts of rape and an attempted rape and abduction. 4/29/03: James Madison Thomas, Sr., has been sentenced to 45 years in prison for the attempted rape of a woman in 2002. 4/25/03: Felipe Acevedo has been sentenced to fifteen years in prison for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl in Florida. Kaiser, already in prison for the 1992 rape of a woman, has been charged with two counts of capital sexual battery in the rape and kidnapping of a toddler in 1986. The 81-year-old convict had served time for previous crimes. Authorities made a "cold hit" after entering DNA evidence found at the scene into Georgia's database.

6/6/03: Arbie Dean Williams has been charged with the murder of a teenager in 1982. Cruz has been sentenced to 35 years for committing several sexual assaults. DNA evidence linked him to the rape of a woman in March 2002. 6/4/03: New York State recently recorded its 1000th DNA cold hit. The girl who is now twelve, delivered a baby in March. He already has been indicted for the rape, kidnapping, and murder of a woman in 2000. His DNA was entered into a national database and linked to the 2000 rape in South Dakota. 5/14/03: Edgar Earl Lenear has been convicted of a 1993 rape in Minneapolis. A new Minnesota law allowing the collection of DNA from violent felons led to the additional charge. 5/14/03: Jerron Johnson, a 16-year-old deaf teenager, has been charged with raping and murdering a mentally ill woman in 2001. 3/29/03: John Joseph Watson is a suspect in the 1958 murder and rape of a woman. Kaiser has been charged with the rape and kidnapping of a child in 1986. 8/31/02: Robert Atkins has been charged with the rape and murder of Jessica Lynn Carpenter in August 2000.

Critics allege that the lab does not have enough forensic scientists to conduct the tests, and more funding is needed. 6/25/02: Keith Aaron Schwinaman, a convicted child molester, has been linked to three unsolved rapes in Boulder and Lafayette, Colorado, in the 1990s.

Samples are taken from all felons and individuals convicted of murder, rape, kidnapping, and sex-related misdemeanors. 6/26/02: Sylvester Deon Collins of Athens, Georgia, was found guilty of three counts of rape and other crimes. Schwinaman is currently serving time in a state prison for violating parole.The evidence also has implicated him in a 2001 rape of an elderly woman in her apartment building. 6/28/02: Los Angeles County is planning to build a new crime lab to be completed by 2005. 6/27/02: The Michigan state police crime lab has been flooded with almost 40,000 DNA samples.34 new employees will be hired to work in the DNA section of the lab. A small percentage of these samples have been processed.6/20/02: The Rhode Island state forensics laboratory plans to stop analyzing DNA samples, because of budget cuts imposed by the General Assembly.The lab also will not submit any DNA found from convicts to a national database.He was under investigation because of a 1976 rape conviction.