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Wild ocelots are efficient hunters, taking large rodents (rat, rabbits and squirrels) along with birds and reptiles.“An honorable ocelot would not have shrews in his stomach — they’re too small a meal to be of real interest to him,” Tewes said.

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Folks regularly contact Texas Parks and Wildlife Department with reports they have seen, photographed or found some dead unusual animal — one that doesn’t exist, is extinct in Texas or is so rare and the report coming from so far from the animal’s range that it’s unlikely the caller saw what he thought he saw. The black panther turns out to be a large feral house cat or bobcat. So when Waggoner got word a woman claimed to have found a dead ocelot along Highway 180 between Mineral Wells and Palo Pinto in north-central Texas, he was properly dubious.

Young took the ocelot to Brownsville where he and staff at the Gladys Porter Zoo conducted a necropsy, the animal version of an autopsy. That was a clue.“When I saw the ocelot, I said, ‘That’s a chubby boy! Michael Tewes of Texas A&M-Kingsville’s Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute and arguably the most knowledgeable and experienced ocelot expert in the nation.

A large, wild ocelot will weigh a little more than 20 pounds.

“But the evidence suggests it’s not a wild ocelot.”“You can never say never,” Tewes said. The tests by wildlife officials did show that the cat seen in Wisconsin’s St. But samples collected from sightings in the north suburbs of the Twin Cities weren’t good enough to be compared.

“But everything I’ve seen supports the view that it’s a non-native cat.”Too bad, either way. Tests inconclusive; DNA sample from Twin Cities flawed Andy Rathbun [email protected] words 23 January 2010 St. Throughout December, officials responded to cougar sightings that tracked eastward across the metro.

As for what type of animal it was that managed to escape from a feral cat trap which Mr Linnane set near Buderim Forest Park on Sunday night – that remains a mystery.

The animal somehow had the strength and know-how to pull the metal flap inwards on itself and crawl out of the trap.The nation’s entire population of ocelots consists of fewer than 100 animals in two small patches of habitat in Texas’ Cameron and Willacy counties near the mouth of the Rio Grande. He found a dead ocelot.“It was quite a shock for all of us,” said John Young, a TPWD mammalogist who headed the agency’s handling of the deceased cat.While the medium-sized cat’s range once covered coastal and eastern Texas before habitat destruction and unregulated hunting reduced them to the two remaining pockets at the tip of Texas, there are no historical records of wild populations anywhere close to Palo Pinto County. She had retrieved the cat carcass, which she at first thought was a bobcat, and took it home. Ocelots are a federally-protected endangered species, and a dead one draws a lot of interest from scientists, law enforcement and the public.“We had a lot of questions, of course,” Young said. Did it somehow manage to travel 400 miles across Texas from the nearest ocelot population?Judging from the timing and direction of movement, it’s likely sightings in Minnesota and Wisconsin were of the same animal, said Adrian Wydeven, a mammal ecologist with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.A cougar was captured on video by a police dash camera the night of Dec. Sightings in Vadnais Heights and Washington County followed.But he didn’t have the usual nicks and scars and other marks wild ocelots get, either, Tewes said.

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