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The Army and Navy felt that the increased emphasis on air power and nuclear weapons represented a departure from the concept of "balanced forces", where individual service programs were balanced against overall requirements.Implicit in the policy was rejection of the idea that a year of crisis with the Soviet Union was imminent (to occur when the Soviets achieved offensive nuclear capability against the United States) or that a general war was just around the corner.

"Military expenditures", he observed, "must be adequate, but not so great that they will become an intolerable burden which will harm the social and economic fabric of our country.

Charles Erwin Wilson (July 18, 1890 – September 26, 1961) was an American engineer and businessman who served as United States Secretary of Defense from 1953 to 1957 under President Dwight D. After earning a degree in electrical engineering from the Carnegie Institute of Technology in 1909, he joined the Westinghouse Electric Company in Pittsburgh, where eventually he supervised the engineering of automobile electrical equipment, and during World War I, the development of dynamotors and radio generators for the Army and Navy.

Wilson married Jessie Ann Curtis on September 11, 1912. In 1919, Wilson moved to Remy Electric, a General Motors subsidiary, as chief engineer and sales manager.

He was still head of General Motors when President Eisenhower selected him as Secretary of Defense in January 1953.

Wilson's nomination sparked a controversy that erupted during his confirmation hearings before the Senate Armed Services Committee, based on his large stockholdings in General Motors.

In his first annual report, he noted that the service secretaries were his principal assistants; decentralizing operational responsibility to them would make for effective exercise of civilian authority throughout Do D.

In July 1954, to complement the 1953 reorganization, Wilson issued a directive to the JCS, the most important provision of which stated that "the Joint Staff work of each of the Chiefs of Staff shall take priority over all other duties", namely their tasks as chiefs of individual services.Both Wilson and Eisenhower entered office committed to reorganizing the Department of Defense.They succeeded in securing from Congress approval in June 1953 of Reorganization Plan No.True security cannot be founded on arms and arms alone." Wilson worked hard to reduce the defense budget.This meant some immediate cutbacks in Fiscal Year 1953 funds and a concerted effort to economize in subsequent years.Although Wilson tried for years to correct the misquote, he was reported at the time of his retirement in 1957 to have accepted the popular impression.