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On a rainy day like the one captured below, the Abbey Road crossing cam might only show you busy Londoners toing and froing, but most often it reveals the constant march of tourists eager to get their iconic Beatles shot.

When you think about how we can watch this in real time – a proper connection to the cosmos – the mind just boggles.

The 90 seconds that the court said could be kept from the public recorded a state trooper questioning the driver in the back seat of the cruiser. O'Neill agreed that the newspaper wasn't entitled to recover legal and attorney fees as allowed by law, since the patrol said it was relying in good faith on a 2014 state appeals court ruling that held that the dash-cam videos were secret.

Whether police dash-cam recordings are public records is a major public-policy question in Ohio," O'Neill said in his dissent.

Justices determined that the State Highway Patrol acted improperly by denying a request by The Cincinnati Enquirerfor the video of a January 2015 police chase on Interstate 71 near Cincinnati that ended in a wreck.

The patrol finally handed over the video in May, two months after the driver was convicted of fleeing and eluding law enforcement and other crimes.

The public is entitled to see virtually all police dash-cam recordings. In a 7-0 decision, the high court rejected the Ohio State Highway Patrol's attempt to keep all such recordings secret, even those pointed at an empty back seat or the median of an interstate highway.

In its first ruling on dash-cam videos, the justices allowed, on a "narrow exception," for law enforcement to keep secret only "investigatory work product." Illustrating how small that exemption is, the court found that only 90 seconds of the hour-plus of recordings from three dash-cams that were presented in the case could legally be withheld from the public.Animals that need homes on a live feed right to your monitor – pick your shelter, control the action, fall in love with the adorable animals.Earthcam is really the grandaddy of the publicly accessible webcam game.Some laptop webcams have a sliding cover to achieve the same thing, but a piece of electrical tape or even a Post-it note stuck over the lens works just as well for other styles of integrated camera.Even if you do use your webcam regularly, keeping it covered can prevent embarrassing incidents —like inadvertently accepting a Skype video chat with your boss when you’re working from home wearing just your underwear…The picture of tape covering the web cam on what’s believed to be Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s computer sparked lots of debate about the safety of personal webcams.