Psychology of married women dating men

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If we believe all of this hype, it would seem that Black women are just ugly, undesirable…and so incredibly unattractive that no man would ever dare look at us in a sexual manner.Outwardly, Black women are portrayed as the least desirable and the ultimate un-woman. I gave my height, my weight and I specified that I was seeking A MAN who enjoyed physical activities, who was fun-loving, and open-minded.

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In marital relationships, exclusivity expectations are commonly assumed, although they are not always met.

Would these same white men reject a Black woman openly because society portrays Black women as the least desirable?

The fact that most of my responses came from the no strings attached ad that I placed and that the majority of the MWM wanted a “discreet encounter,” says that these men are not comfortable with being seen with Black women publicly at all and it also tells me that perhaps many white men view Black women as not being good enough for a long term relationship, but good enough for a discreet, dirty, shameful sex encounter.

It is worth noting that I did NOT specify white men in my craigslist ad, but I did specify that I was a Black woman.

Yet, most of responses were from white men…It is also worth noting that most of responses came from NSA category as opposed to the LTR category.

When they are not met, research has found that psychological damage can occur, including feelings of rage and betrayal, lowering of sexual and personal confidence, and damage to self-image.

Depending on the context, men and women can experience social consequences if their act of infidelity becomes public.The impression that I got was that white men are not comfortable with admitting their attraction to Black women publicly.I wondered if maybe some of the white men who responded to my ad on craigslist would have been the same white men who checked the “anything but black box,” of their profile on dating websites.Interviews with people in non-monogamous relationships since 1972 by the GSS have shown that approximately 12% of men and 7% of women admit to having had an extramarital relationship.Results, however, vary year by year, and also by age-group surveyed.Why hasn’t anyone done a study on the number married white men seeking sex with random Black women on craigslist…??

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    Keep your expectations realistic (a successful STR is likelier than a successful LTR), don't do anything stupid (see Father Clements, below), and reacquaint yourself with my constantly updated and revised Campsite Rule: When there's a significant age and/or experience gap, the older and/or more experienced person has a responsibility to leave the younger and/or less experienced person in better shape than they found them.