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The extremely thin population of this then treeless area now seems to have been the Proto-Caucasoid, parent stock out of which both the northern Caucasoid (White) and Mongoloid (Yellow) branches of humanity evolved. P., on the Pacific coast east of this vast steppe, and in Japan itself, the Jomon people first appeared, a hunting-gathering-fishing culture that lasted for over 10,000 years. this people was invaded by Korean rice farmers and gradually lost ground until they remained only as a small remnant on Japan’s northernmost islands, and are now practically extinct.It was this culture that was ancestral to the Ainu, the indigenous Caucasoid-like (or Proto-Caucasoid) people of Japan. The Jomons seem to have spread out around the Pacific and eventually miscegenated with the Polynesians (who themselves emigrated from southeast Asia around 6,000 years ago) of the central and eastern Pacific.

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The single tool, which Fedje estimates to be around 10,200 years old, does establish that people once lived on the now submerged land but reveals little about the culture there.” So the difficult field of underwater archeology, especially in frigid waters, has much yet to do. Long before the Indians ever appeared on these shores, Paleoamericans had populated it thoroughly.In consequence, the Jomons, the Ainu and the Polynesians share many facial and cranial measurements, for which reason they are referred to as the “Jomon-Pacific” cluster.The Jomon people were quite capable of making it by boat to North America as well, and would have done so sometime in the period 15,000-11,000 B. And indeed, Kennewick Man shows craniofacial characteristics typical of this Jomon-Pacific class. Chatters took the Kennewick skeleton to anthropologist Dr.“[T]he present King [George III] of Great Britain …has excited domestic inſurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the mercileſs Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, ſexes and conditions.” On July 28,1996 Will Thomas and Dave Deacy found a skeleton, later to be called the Kennewick Man, on the banks of the Columbia River in Washington State.Its entrance is 37 meters/120 feet underwater, although the paintings themselves are in a chamber above sea level, 175 meters/575 feet from the entrance.

And Sasha Nemecek, in a September 2000 feature article in Scientific American magazine, reported, “In 1997 …Another input stream came, so it increasingly appears, from the Solutrean culture of ancient Spain and southern France before 18,000 or 19,000 years ago. Here, and also at Cactus Hill in Virginia (18,000 to 20,000 years ago) and Topper in South Carolina (still undated, but very old), the deposits are quite similar to remains from the Solutrean culture of Ice Age Europe, indicating that the early Europeans may have crossed the Atlantic, skirting the iceberg boundaries, to colonize eastern North America.At the Meadowcroft Rockshelter in Pennsylvania, a record of human presence has been found reaching back to 15,400 years ago and perhaps even to 20,000 B. A descendant of these Solutrean-derived settlements was quite possibly the later Clovis culture, named after discoveries at the Blackwater Draw site near Clovis, New Mexico.In the warm periods of the last or Late Wisconsinan ice age, which lasted from 75,000 to about 11,000 years ago, peoples from the eastern rim of Asia migrated in boats along the Pacific rim to the Americas.Some archeologists, such as Ruth Gruhn of the University of Alberta and her husband, Alan Bryan, believe that this entry began occurring as far back as 50,000 years ago.The Clovis findings show considerable similarity to those at Meadowcroft, Cactus Hill and Topper.

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