Power and control wheel for dating relationships

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In life, many men and women simply crave to set up a life-long caring partnership, to build a home together and to live securely, happily ever after.

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But these women report that ongoing psychological abuse is experienced as more mind-twisting, more painful and damaging than physical violence. A determined long-term campaign of psychological abuse is about dominance, not about conflict of interest.The main directive states that to stand up and “be a man” they must control “their” woman. The requirements of the role include acting like the king of the castle; being the boss, a man of superiority, who is invincible and who will not back down – no matter how much he truly wants a close caring relationship underneath. If she says or does anything that threatens his role, he must discipline her.I’ll guide you through a series of blogs where I’ll discuss the way men carry out this role – that is by using some or many of the 16 patterns of tactics labelled in the wheel I created.It’s a cloak of bravado that leads many men to wear a mask behind which is a real human full of fears, desires to love, care and be tender.Men who control the women they love are wearing such a mask – they’re playing a role.The wheel I created captures the notion that our wider culture breeds, reinforces and supports the male imperative; the notion that men have rights over women.

The testosterone effect is distorted and groomed within peer groups, on sports fields, school playgrounds, corporate boardrooms, and political institutions.You may recognise the Duluth ‘power and control’ wheel (on the left below) …it has been hanging around noticeboards at women’s centres, doctor’s rooms, and various other crisis places where women seek answers and shelter from violence perpetrated by their partners and spouses.The clamouring media, Hollywood and television reinforce so many of the negatives in mythical playouts that distort how it is to be a man and how to be a woman.The expectations and pressures on relationships and families are so enormous that simple love and caring run the risk of being compromised from the start.The wheel is a summation of violence based on women’s experiences and is a visual tool to help practitioners understand family violence, and to help effect constructive change for both men and women.

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