Port moresby dating

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East New Britain has a fascinating World War 2 history and visitors can explore Japanese caved systems, barged tunnels, aircraft wrecks and submarines.

Attractions War wrecks also litter the reefs surrounding the East New Britain Province.

The excellent visibility makes this an exciting dive spot all year round.

The Tolai people of the Gazelle Peninsula have continued to use the traditional shell money called "tabu".

They use the tabu as a contribution to the Tolai male secret society of tumbuan and dukduk, for distribution to people at death ceremonies, as payment of a bride price, for settling disputes, to purchase land or even garden food from local markets.

The lagoons around this historical group of islands provide all-weather canoeing, wind surfing and water skiing and are a haven for visiting yachts.

Things to see Kokopo: The East New Britain Historical & Cultural Centre, located across the road from the golf course, has good displays and collections of historical relics and photographs, with plenty of information.Culture The people of East New Britain are culturally diversified, with rich and unique traditions.The "tumbuan", featured in many cultural dress costumers, signifies spiritual dancers and traditional ceremonies.Dive trips, day tours as well as charter boats for fishing can be organised through any of the accommodations or tour operators.Forty five minutes by boat from Kokopo are the Duke of York Islands, which offer sport diving, snorkelling and picnics under the coconut trees.It was started in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1942, by Harvey Tallman who sold his truck and bought the business, then called Princess Auto Wr... , colloquially referred to as Con Edison or Con Ed, is one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the United States, with approximately billion in annual revenues and billion in assets. Like other fashion brands, Calvin Klein establishe... is a global oil and gas company headquartered in London, United Kingdom.