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This is the sort of attack that affected Target, J. Morgan Chase and most of the other commercial networks that you've heard about in the past year or so.But even scarier are the high-skill, high-focus attacks­ -- the type that hit Sony.

If you are, you're aware that this could happen to any company (though it is still amazing that Sony made it so easy).It doesn't matter how insanely CPU-intensive this sort of application is: some dipshit with no social insight and an underdeveloped sense of morality is going to deploy it in an attempt to monetize us.The is procedural porn tailored to appeal to the micro-targeted audience's kinks, even if they don't think they have any (use A/B testing to see which random fetish images get their attention, then converge). We need AI to get the lip-sync right, in other words, before today's simplistic AI-generated video porn turns toxic.(Second generation application: Hitler sums it up, now with fewer subtitles) There are innocuous uses, of course.What are the high-end applications, beside destroying all trust in news media forever? (PS: This blog entry was delayed because I needed to finish and formally submit "The Labyrinth Index".

Earlier this month, a mysterious group that calls itself Guardians of Peace hacked into Sony Pictures Entertainment's computer systems and began revealing many of the Hollywood studio's best-kept secrets, from details about unreleased movies to embarrassing emails (notably some racist notes from Sony bigwigs about President Barack Obama's presumed movie-watching preferences) to the personnel data of employees, including salaries and performance reviews.

These low-end attacks include sending spam out to millions of email addresses, hoping that someone will fall for it and click on a poisoned link.

I think of them as the background radiation of the Internet. These include the more sophisticated attacks using newly discovered "zero-day" vulnerabilities in software, systems and networks.

To understand any given episode of hacking, you need to understand who your adversary is.

I've spent decades dealing with Internet hackers (as I do now at my current firm), and I've learned to separate opportunistic attacks from targeted ones.

(The preceding link is long and deeply creepy in its implications: it's a must-read.) And when algorithms go hog-wild to maximize eyeballs and/or sales you get weird and unpleasant results like this: (This came up because some idiot wrote a bot to sell tee shirts via Amazon, with the caption "Keep Calm and [X][Y]" where [Y and [Y] are phrases some sort of machine learning system scraping lists of verbs and pronouns.

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