My best friend dating my ex wife

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This letter represents an important part of a letting-go ritual that I have initiated to heal/move on from your unhealthy, unproductive habits and insincere, abusive demeanor arising from your ongoing enmeshment with your first husband, and from a vicious triangle that was the by-product of poor boundaries between you, him, and the “formerly-gullible” new wife…me.Tomorrow I am heading into a frightening gauntlet of tests and surgeries, several states away, to try to prolong and/or save my life.

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In spite of malice, I have given love invisibly, as a catalyst, one who would never be considered by you as worthy of existing as a mother, never mind as one who has helped tirelessly, behind the scenes, to mitigate damage left by your behavior.Please add a one-time donation to help fund our most urgent campaigns to fight discrimination and expand LGBTQ rights.Remember, 100% of your purchase fuels the fight for LGBTQ equality and makes you an active member of the Human Rights Campaign. My problem is that 11 years ago, I met a woman with whom I fell in love and eventually married. I would never voice my opinion on this subject for concerns of being ridiculed.These nine guys had nothing to do with you, and it seems as if you are personalizing this entire situation.

Your wife definitely trusts you…otherwise she would never have told you about these other men.

As a wife, I WILL never again tolerate remaining in the role you’ve manufactured for me of invisibility, allowing myself to be twisted by your words into a fiction of “other woman” through catty gossip to your church circle so that you can deliberately use lies to deflect people from seeing your long-term hidden truth, which is this: YOU chose to end your marriage in 2004 by cheating on your husband, physically/emotionally or BOTH, which is the reason he is no longer with you.

Even as you confessed to him that the only reason for your separation after over 20 years of marriage was to fulfill your desire for intimacy with another man (his own best friend), a false pretense became the ONLY excuse that you would use to dump your loving husband, without any warning or explanation two ½ years before I met him.

I leave you to your life, wherever it shall bring you; after this letter, I walk on in peace, wherever fate may lead.

Although you may freely choose to deny the truth, though you may deflect and throw painful realities about this blended family failure into some trash can, inside the dark, subconscious crevices of your black-and-white-thinking frame, this letter shall remain, beyond my passing, a testament, a footprint of my visibility in a realm of non-fiction, as well as a tribute to my honesty and inner strength.

I remain a viable and radiant woman worthy of respect, and therefore shed the role of “Patsy” in your unrelenting, warped, limited worldview, a universe in which family is defined by “blood relatives,” which you alone seem to have been able to control and manipulate cunningly for years, via a myopic, controlling, and matriarchal perspective.