Meaning of predating

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In most other situations, an operating loss, if sustained, is a sign of deteriorating fundamentals of a company's products or services.

The immediate solution is typically to cut back on expenses, as this is within the control of company management.An operating loss occurs when a company's operating expenses exceed gross profits (or revenues in the case of a service-oriented company, generally speaking, instead of a manufacturer).An operating loss does not consider the effects of interest income, interest expense, extraordinary gains or losses, income or losses from equity investments or taxes.They are not only used in the United Kingdom and Ireland, but worldwide in all English speaking countries like Canada, New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, among other regions.The English language originated in the early medieval ages in the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of England.So we can see from that how “man” originally referred to all humans.

Largely due to the stigma that using the word “man” meaning “humans” is supposedly sexist, despite its original meaning, the use of the word “man” in that fashion has all but disappeared in the last 50-100 years, with it now only showing up in words like “human” and “mankind” as referring to both male and female.

Our aims were: (a) to identify metallurgical traditions related to a diversity of cultural or learning backgrounds; (b) to investigate the origins of different metal artifacts found in Cuba, as a proxy to reconstruct patterns of exchange and interaction among indigenous communities and between these and Europeans; and (c) to approach the meaning and symbolism of different metals by considering their contexts of appropriation and use.

The techniques employed included optical microscopy, SEM–EDS, p XRF and PIXE.

Today I found out that the word ‘man’ was originally gender neutral, meaning more or less the same as the modern day word “person”.

It wasn’t until about a thousand years ago that the word “man” started to refer to a male and it wasn’t until the late 20th century that it was almost exclusively used to refer to males.

These items are 'below the line,' meaning they are added or subtracted after the operating loss (or income, if positive) to arrive at net income.