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Anything that worked for Roger Federer will do for Novak Djokovic.Twelve months after the Swiss announced that he would be taking off the second half of the year to allow knee and back injuries to heal, the Serb followed suit as a result of the right elbow problem which has dogged him since the start of last year.

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Nevertheless, Djokovic said that Agassi supported his decision to take a break “and remains my head coach”.

“Sometimes maybe the body and the mind do need a rest,” Federer said last week when asked about the injuries Djokovic and Andy Murray had been dealing with at Wimbledon.

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With the world rankings based on a rolling total of points earned over the previous 12 months, he will probably have dropped from his present position at No 4 to around No 15 come the start of next year.

That could lead to the intriguing prospect of his meeting one of the top four players as early as the fourth round.

“I won’t set unrealistic goals, but having accomplished so much in my career I will find it difficult not to aspire to win tournaments,” he said.

“Believe it or not, I am actually looking forward to playing the top seeds in the third or fourth round of major tournaments because for once the pressure will be off.” While the parallels with Federer’s situation are obvious, it remains to be seen whether the outcome will be the same.Although Djokovic is five years younger than Federer, he is taking a break at a time when his tennis has been going through something of a crisis.The Serb admits that he lost motivation after winning last year’s French Open, when he became the first man for 47 years to hold all four Grand Slam titles.Players who are out with an injury for six months or more can apply for a “protected” world ranking, but, initially at least, Djokovic is unlikely to need that.Being in the world’s top 20 guarantees entry into any tournament.Appearing to have anything but Innocent Eyes, Australia's pop princess looked over at her new man before he leaned in for a kiss.