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In situations where policies have changed during a student’s time of enrollment, the Graduate School and the academic program, together with the student, may elect to enforce requirements that are in the best interest of the student.

Therefore, the student cannot remain on payroll through the conferral date for that term.

See Addition/Change of Program, Plan, or Named Option, Enrollment Requirements, Maximum Levels of Appointments, Minimum Graduate Residence Credit Requirement Approval of the double degree: at the time of graduation, each program will submit to the Graduate School a list of the courses being used to satisfy that program’s requirements.

Both advisors must sign the course lists as indication of approval.

Demos & Tutorials for course enrollment are available through the Office of the Registrar.

For instructions on how to late add/change/drop a class, visit the Late Enrollment/Late Course Change/Late Drop section.

Removal of Dissertator Status: A dissertator who enrolls for more (or fewer) than 3 credits will be removed from dissertator status for the fall or spring term in which the enrollment is not exactly 3 credits.

During the summer, however, an enrolled dissertator may ask their advisor to request an overload of 1-2 additional credits in a short session and still retain dissertator fee status, if the course is related to dissertation research or professional training that is not offered in regular semesters.See Advisor The academic dean or the dean’s designee will assess the meaning and effect of the event on the student and the request for tuition adjustment.The student’s faculty advisor and/or graduate program chair must request this on behalf of the student. See Dean’s Approval Window Period Degrees: The “Window Period” is the time between the end of one degree period and the beginning of the next.See Authorization for Courses, Course Changes, Credit Changes, Dean’s Approval, Enrollment Requirements, Late Enrollment/Late Course Change/Late Drop, Refunds, Tuition and Fee Information, Withdrawal Students should be aware that programs may require more rigorous committee requirements than the Graduate School’s minimum requirements.Students should contact their graduate program coordinator for specific program information.The Graduate School will review the course lists for credit overlap between degrees.

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