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I found Louie to be very engaging and winsome particularly to those in the audience who may not be ready to hear what he has to say. The last talk is called “The Marriage Myth” and he mentions seven myths that trip people up about marriage.8. He delves into the gender roles in marriage as an illustration that we need more than love. “My current relationships are separate from marriage”. He starts from the very beginning by placing presuppositions clearly in front of his audience. He created us and our worth is not related to external things.

Too many single young men and women today languish.The Passion Movement and the messages of founder Louie Giglio have marked the lives of millions of people around the globe, calling people everywhere to live for the glory of God. Abuse It is important to realize that Jesus Christ faced all of our drawers and offers unconditional love. He used four of the drawers to construct a Cross on stage. Very centered & to the point....a must for ALL with children of appropriate age!!! Focused on the collegiate age group - yet spilling over to people of all ages - Passion exists to unite students for spiritual awakening in this generation. The fourth and fifth talks were a two part series called “Waiting Here for You”. Beginning with our Creator, this series approaches guy-girl relationships from His perspective, helping lay the ground work for meaningful relationships now and a marriage that will last. BOY MEETS GIRL takes an honest and straightforward look at dating relationships and the challenges they bring.The Passion Talk Series & Passion City Church Resources feature hours of compelling content, which will inspire, encourage & speak to God's grace & truth.

This collection of talks has been experienced by millions around the world, each telling a meaningful story of God's goodness, grace & love. Throughout the series, Giglio is very straightforward with his audience about the purpose of singleness. By doing so one discovers whether God is directing one to a mate for life or if that is not true, God may be directing them to singleness. If you want a better understanding of how you should approach marriage, this is what you need.

I propose a system called “dateship” which is 1/4 cup dating and 3/4 cup courtship. Men and women go on dates in a low-key, low-pressure way, but with accountability to others. There’s no major pressure if the dates end, and nothing further takes place.

This isn’t secular dating — if anyone does that anymore — but is instead a wise and godly means of getting to know one another. Read the whole piece to find out the rest of the process. Fundamentally, no “system” of romance can lead to lasting fulfillment; that is found only in Christ.

From its inception, the movement of Passion has birthed new anthems of worship, influencing countless churches and helping to define the current worship climate and establish artists Chris Tomlin, Kristian Stanfill, Crowder, Matt Redman, Christy Nockels, and others. He was making the point that most people see singleness as a time where we are looking for a new partner. Cohabitation is not the best way to prepare for marriage.12.

Louie is the pastor and founder of Passion City Church in Atlanta, GA. His premise is that we should be spending our singleness falling in love with Jesus.

Because He has gone to extraordinary lengths to relate to us, we have the potential to build incredible relationships with one another.

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