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If you are still searching for answers, then you better stop right now because you have come to the right place.Let me show you an in-depth explanation of the growth of German Shepherds and just when exactly do they stop growing?

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Beware of exposing your GSD to small children during this stage.

Otherwise, your puppy may never truly tolerate them. At this point of a German shepherd’s growth, they tend to stretch into sexual maturity. However, they might easily get distracted, so you need to be very careful when they are around other people or animals.

They also display tranquility, confidence, seriousness and bright.

Though they can be wary of strangers, German Shepherds love to be close to their families.

Are you planning to invite a German Shepherd into your life?

May be you finally owned that German shepherd you’ve always wanted to have.

Since GSDs are used as working dogs, they can be courageous, alert and fearless.

They are also considered to be cheerful and very much eager to learn.

However, some Eastern European lines mature much slower and do not reach their full maturity until they reach the age of 36 months.

Most of these breeds growth rate slows noticeably when they reach six months, and the rate continues minimally after 12 months.

The German Shepherd is a large breed dog, and they can continue to mature up until they reach 36 months. Especially during spring when they shed their winter coat for about 2 to 3 weeks.