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Note: Beginning in 2013 the Church started releasing essays addressing seldom talked about issues in the church.

Clearly misinformation is still taught as truth and without clear, consistent correction from the highest leadership, members perpetuate it.In 2012, during the Romney campaign, my ward had a combined Priesthood/Relief Society session where stake leaders went over how the Church was perceived by the media and how we could combat the negative perceptions.A regional "media expert" handed out a pamphlet that described ways to address a handful of sensitive topics.This is an understandable consequence given the Church's reluctance to discuss unflattering issues like polygamy and denying blacks the priesthood in any sort of detail in Church lessons.It is also disingenuous of apologists to act as if there's no reason for members to believe these things when they were clearly taught them in church.Mormon Think provides a response to that accusation.) Because the Church now admits some of the things originally written on this page in their essays, some of the topics here are no longer as important as they were before, but we are keeping much of that information here anyhow. The reasons most commonly given by members (even if not published in Church lesson manuals) to justify polygamy are: In 1890, President Wilford Woodruff received a revelation that the leaders of the Church should cease teaching the practice of plural marriage so it would not be in violation of the laws of the land. (From anecdotal information, there is still a large number of members believing this.) Links recording official Church teachings concerning polygamy: Some apologists say that the above points are not officially taught in Church through lesson manuals. However, these things have been taught in Church, whether officially or not.

For the latest from the Church and Mormon Think's responses, see: Member beliefs Polygamy was illegal Contradicts 12th Article of Faith More women than men? The writers of this section heard all of the above in Gospel Doctrine and Sunday School classes since childhood.

For over 180 years the Church did not explicitly teach its members the full truth about many aspects of polygamy.

In fact, it seems at times that they purposely obfuscated the truth.

See Mormon Think's response to those who believe it's the members' fault for not knowing more about Joseph Smith's polygamy.

Polygamists in striped prison uniforms, including George Q.

If polygamy is still part of LDS doctrine, why does the Church insist that new converts in polygamous families (in countries where it is legal) split up their families before they can be baptized?

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