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It's been almost a year and they're still practically strangers.Never even fucking until Markus surprises her with his huge cock!

They insert balls into their buttholes and lewdly launch them back out; studly Neeo slams their sphincters to cavernous gaping.

The mechanics stroke Francois’ cock until he shoots a beautiful stream of jizz.

The mechanics continue to sneer and jeer at the hot naked straight man, and he can’t do anything about it.

Spicy J walks away and lets these two get down and she watches.

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We continue our story about the troubles of married and highly respected businessman Monsieur Francois.

Namely, he got himself into trouble when he had his car repaired at these shady mechanics. They’ve noticed that Francois is a very hot straight man and wanted to take advantage of him.Summer decides to find out if her friend's brother can fuck as good as he can kiss. Angela is alone in LA and ready to meet up with someone that has made her trip extremely memorable, and she is ready to make sure that her last night is something to never forget. Sweet dark-haired cutie is in the middle of the book when she feels strange pulsation between her slim legs.She does not know what turned her on but she realizes that she cannot keep reading any longer.They found a porn magazine in his car and blackmailed him with it, threatening that they would tell his wife about all his kinky fetishes.Monsieur Francois remains stoic despite the obvious attempt of the mechanics to humiliate him.I’m all yours." lol Well, this is a definitely hot masculine dude in his prime, just the type I like to fantasize about while jerking off.

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    After a year asleep - and a subsequent stint in prison - Michael is no longer the sweet little boy everyone remembers."For the sake of the storyline, and the summer shows going for the young audience… there is only so much you can do with a 13-year-old actor, in reference to an interesting and volatile storyline. And with a younger character, what’s it going to be, skipping class and not doing homework? And for that reason, it will add a lot more interest and attract the younger audience for summer time." Michael would now be seventeen, revising the character's birth year to 1991.