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More numbers for the records: 28,518 registered contributors (out of 215,078 registered users), 1,086,591 German-English translations, 1,249,827 translation entries in all other language pairs combined. As soon as this is done I will incorporate the new trainer features into the Android version. This was only made possible by the real heros at, the 21,330 registered (and many more unregistered) contributors!In addition to that 896,420 inflections and 899,710 audio recordings have been submitted and checked by the community. Also the usage numbers of the regular web version of keep developing positively, even if not as fast as in the first years. I know many of the most committed people well enough by now to know how much energy and emotion they keep investing in

If you discover paragraphs that contain strange characters or other problems, please click "more" at the end of the paragraph and then use "report problem". If you prefer the previous display of the recently verified translations, just click the link "New Translations" contained in the second blue bar to switch back. It's been 10 years to the day, that the first version of went online.Please tell me ([email protected]) if this change results in any kind of problem for you. For several years dictionary usage has been shifting steadily towards mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), which is why, in addition to maintenance and support, I'm mostly concerned with app development lately.But as it turns out, apps alone are not enough anymore, also mobile web usage is increasing at high rates.That's why this year I developed a new mobile website, cc, which is gaining popularity quite nicely.During the week it ususally answers more than 1 million search requests per day.Browsers started to show warnings whenever data is transmitted without encryption, even if the data only consists of a search keyword for translation.