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I am writing this with the hope that those who see it will tweet this for me, my twitter account was ladygod1va and I would ask that you use hashtag #LONDONWNBR and any other being used that you know of.The reason for my post is simply to ask those who were thinking about attending this protest ride to make that little extra effort and actually do so.

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We’ve made a change, and are now doing all blog posts on our newly redesigned Wild Cat Conservation website.There are 7 start points and all the details are available on facebook and the London WNBR wiki pages.London WNBR Wiki Page London WNBR Main Page I will be at Hyde Park Hyde Park Start There are a lot of bad things happening in the world and we in the UK are experiencing a difficult time as we all know.Picture courtsey of My Quilt Genie blog Firstly, the name. The name was originally a slogan from the 1840s, and in particular from the turmoil of the Oregon boundary dispute (or the Oregon question), which arose as a result of competing British & American claims to the Pacific Northwest of North American. It appeared by January 1846, driven in part by the Democratic press, and is often misidentified with the 1844 presidential election campaign. If you don’t know what or why we organise these cycling protests, please click on the Wiki page link above.

If you can come to the London WNBR on the 10th June (see links above) I would be delighted, but please see if there is one closer to where you are. This entry was posted on June 4, 2017 at and is filed under Uncategorized.The idea of going nude is to attract attention and show vulnerability.Nudity is NOT illegal in the UK and the London WNBR ride has been running for over 13 years! It is a brilliant way to show rest of the world the freedom we have here in the UK and also that we are tolerant of each other’s views.I could go on and write much more but I’m sure you get the idea!I don’t want to make this into some sort of political protest!There are various ways to do this but the most straight-forward of these is the “RSS Reader”. The “sidebar” application that is bundled with Microsoft Vista has an RSS Reader application so that feeds can be displayed directly on your desktop.

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