Driver rtc cmos needs updating please use bus type method

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Typically, the Linux OS requires a 16MB or larger Compact Flash or an M-System's Disk On Chip.The TS-5700 requires regulated 5VDC at 800 m A (typical maximum).

Be sure to use a regulated 5 VDC power supply, preferably with current limiting to 3 to 5 Amps.If additional peripherals are required, the PC/104 expansion bus allows for many standard functions available off-the-shelf.It is also very simple to create a custom PC/104 peripheral board for those special features that differentiate your product.PC compatibility requires much more than just an x86 processor.It requires PC compatible memory and I/O maps as well as a PC compatible BIOS.The model TS-5700 is a compact, full-featured PC compatible Single Board Computer based on the AMD Elan520 processor.

At 133 MHz, it is approximately 10 times faster than our other 386EX based products for only a small additional cost.Technologic Systems Embedded PCs are compatible with a wide variety of x86-based operating systems.A partial list of operating systems that our customers are currently using with our board includes: The TS-5700 is shipped, free of charge, with Embedded DOS ROM by General Software.By adding the optional TS-9500 peripheral board, you can compile and debug directly on the TS-5700 with standard VGA video and keyboard interfaces.Alternatively, you can typically write and debug code on a host PC using standard development tools for the PC platform, then simply copy it to and run it on the TS-5700 without modification.The physical Flash memory is accessed by the BIOS in protected mode at memory address 148M.

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