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We thought about it for almost two years and then we finally thought that with the Giganta-Ramp we could probably do a pretty good show – we didn’t know.

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Luckily, a camera crew was along for the ride with Jim, Jolene, and Travis.We’ve gotten better with this airbag covered in wood, so it does give a little bit more. On the Giganta-Ramp side, it’s completely different.If you’re not trying something you’ve never tried every single show, you’re probably not staying on the Giganta-Ramp.With a television series, a feature film and a number of world records under their belt, the crew has set out once again on a North American tour and will make 24 stops this fall.We got the chance to catch up with high-energy host before the Philadelphia stop at the Wells Fargo Center, to chat about the tour, how it all started and what it takes to become part of the ] start?We won’t spoil it, but let’s just say the team has their share of obstacles during the race.

With 17 X Games medals under his belt, it’s safe to say Travis Pastrana is an authority on all things extreme sports.

We didn’t know anything about it – well Mike [Porra] helped – but we were just screwing around and the word got out and it got bigger and bigger and now we have 70 shows around the world – and this has become our jobs. Crave: What were those first several shows like, when it first started?

Was there a little bit of anxiety and a little bit of getting into a rhythm, since it’s something you’d never done before? Everyone on the show – at that point – were all making a living as professional athletes and [] was just something we were doing for fun, so there wasn’t a lot of anxiety as far as whether it was a make or break deal.

We thought, ‘Maybe people will like it, maybe they won’t, but either way, it’s a great live experience’. People showed up, and it sold out – and they were screaming at the end of the show.

There were so many crashes, it was a messed up show.

’ because any more than three get-togethers for is like cruel and unusual punishment.

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