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5’ against many names, including Canning, in addition to the letter ‘B’ to indicate entitlement to the clasp for Balaklava. Crimea 1854-56, 4 clasps, Alma, Balaklava, Inkermann, Sebastopol (1st Bn. Served in South Africa, November 1899-January 1903 and in India, January 1903-August 1913.

During January 1852- January 1854 he served in South Africa, participating in the Second Kaffier War for which he was awarded a medal. This required a new batch of Iron Crosses to be produced. but the craters were held against enemy bombing attacks during the night.’ D. He later joined the Royal Monmouthshire Engineers Militia and served with them in the Second Boer War. Canning returned from the Crimea during the latter part of 1855, subsequently purchasing his discharge from the army in September 1856. Those manufactured differed from the earlier versions like this example in being slightly larger and in having flat centre plates without a peripheral step, in general resembling subsequent issues of the cross. It should be noted that the 2nd Dragoons were not present at Inkermann and that Canning’s medal should technically have clasps for Balaklava and Sebastopol only. Discharged on 21 August 1913 - listing Victoria Barracks, Melbourne, Australia as his intended place of residence. If you want to grow your own hydrangea plants, you can produce new … Add Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody to your Steam wishlist and send a screenshot to yeahjamfury [email protected] a chance to win a copy of the game! They are located in the former location of Pro Green Plus.

Read the full story » Mower Parts just announced the opening of their retail store at 7130 Oak Ridge Highway in Knoxville, TN.This deployment allowed the lancers to attack from front and rear. Ex Sotheby’s in March 1888 Note: John Gilbert served in Captain Grey’s number 4 troop and participated in the action on the far left of the battlefield, late in the day. Gubbins family settled in Melbourne where he was educated at Melbourne Grammar School. A superb medal to an easy to research Officer thanks to his triple initial. A.); Queen’s South Africa 1899-1902, 5 clasps, Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal, South Africa 1901, South Africa 1902 (2970 Corpl., Rl. At this stage we are unclear as to whether Trooper Ohlsen was issued his Natal 1906 Medal and no medal ever surfaced. A French lancer made a grab for the colours with his lance but the flag was secured by Ensign Christie despite serious wounds. Note: Only 38 waterloo medals are recorded to have surfaced for the unit making this one of the scarcest Regiments to obtain. Major Howard, who was the only 10 Germany, Prussia, Iron Cross 1813, 2nd Class, Rare “stepped iron center” first issue King Friedrich Wilhelm III instituted the Iron Cross on 10 March 1813 as an award for bravery, available to all ranks, both combatant and non-combatant. Joining the 5th Contingent, Victorian Mounted Rifles in 1900 as a lieutenant at the age of 18, he served in South Africa during the Boer War. for the Battalion’s attack on the Hohenzollern Redoubt (a.k.a. On that occasion, the attack was launched at 5.45 p.m. The State of Victoria Gazette of Jan 29 1869 under "POST OFFICE" then "BALLARAT" shows him taken on strength of the Victorian Government in 1853 - the year before EUREKA. Engineers) Note: Alfred James Sharp was born in Millbrook, Southampton. A single Iron Cross could therefore be awarded to several combatants. As stated in , the 9th Battalion ‘found many Germans in their sector of The Chord who, though dazed, did not surrender and had to be killed. 15 June 1916, refers), later served in the Egyptian Expeditionary Force as Deputy Assistant Adjutant General, services that resulted in his award of the O. Good VF 50 Single: South Africa Medal 1834-53 impressed to J. 91ST REGT Note: There appears to be three soldiers of the 91st with this name and initial and a curious note in records that states a "Miller" (of the 91st) has a medal for Gallant Conduct (not engraved). India General Service 1854-95, 1 clasp, Hazara 1888 (32595 Gunr., No. Sharp was transferred to the Army Reserve in February 1890 and discharged on 5 July 1894. It appears the Keohane family came to Western Australia in the early 1900's. The muster rolls confirm that Canning was on active duty with his regiment for the whole of the quarter of the 1st October to the 31st December 1854, and it is most probable, therefore, that he took part in the famous charge of the Heavy Brigade at Balaklava, in which the Scots Greys had two men killed and fifty-six wounded. This continued until the 1830’s when it was decided clear the backlog and to award an Iron Cross to those still waiting to ‘inherit’ one. There followed a number of fierce grenade fights, the Germans rushing down from the north end of The Chord and along the trenches leading from the east into it ... 15 April 1916: ‘This officer commanded his Battalion in an attack, the success of which was due to the excellent organisation he had established in his Battalion, and to the fighting spirit he had fostered in it.’ O. His intended place of residence being given as King Street, Brynmawr. Worthy of further research Good VF SOLD Single: INDIA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL 1854-95, one clasp "Jowaki 1877-8" impressed naming to 1521 GUNNER C. Seven men were awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal. as Staff Sergeant-Major of the 4th Military District (32631 G. Soon on active service, he went with the regiment to the Crimea, landing at Eupatoria on 14 September 1854.

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