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When Kururi was targeted, she rigged the schoolbag of one of her bullies to light on fire later in the day.Like her sister, Kururi regularly attends martial arts classes and is a fairly skilled fighter.

Shinra charges 200,000 yen for the job but Denis is unable to pay.

She and her sister were hired by Namie to spy on Mika and Seiji and report back to her on their activities.

After giving a very detailed report on their most recent date, the twins accept their payment and leave, seeing that Namie was becoming noticeably more infuriated as they continued their description.

Her most common attire is a standard gym uniform with her name written on the front, which earns her attention at school.

Her personality is the exact opposite of her sister's.

Kururi, along with Mairu, Aoba, Mikado, and Anri, head back to watch the events unfold and are in awe of the fighting prowess of both Egor and Ruri.

They later attend the hotpot party held at Celty and Shinra's apartment.She has been shown to wear a variety of outfits over the course of the series, usually wearing an opposite color scheme to her sister.She is first shown wearing a green hoodie with cat ears and yellow skirt while Mairu wears a yellow hoodie with dog ears and a green skirt.Kururi had already established herself as the odd one out of her class due to the fact that she only dresses in a gym uniform when at school, but she had yet display any other abnormal tendencies.Although Kururi did not seem to care that her desk had been vandalized, the teacher drew attention to it and asked repeatedly who had done this to her desk.Kururi Orihara (折原 九瑠璃, Orihara Kururi) is one of Izaya's younger sisters and the twin sister of Mairu. Kururi is hinted to have feelings for Aoba, one of her classmates.