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i,«l bl Prep girls, Ilesl^n III Cam A-1 : -B7STB\'ECRUMP^^ Tlmc.s-M'U’.s sports editor JERQ. T The young Dietrich Blue Dcril.i mn inlu-__toq 7 Hn Jch Stephanie Hale here night as Hale- and tb L- _Qakltiy. Homet^ cruised to a 57-34"vlclory"und’tfiyr~ ' Ho'coiid c'ons(rc'ut Tvi;''DIa Ir7cl~5 ‘ Class A-1 girls' bnskcihnllchampicnaliip. "She’s so quick and she passes, as •• ••tveilnsanyboy,''- - — ..tit r' s een TTd hal f, w e p u lti ' • enthusiasm into it," said Onkioy coach Don Tbmpkin's. .ih7'MTl7 perfect 270 ill 1)9 pmind^ this sea- Isick and Snake River does the son after )ii ivim» riaimed state honors .! - - Tim»»4i A*Ap*wio-Mmeo Ai9«uf»Y-- 'Tompkins of the Blue Devils, one of Oakley's Chey Anne Lowe, right, gels the rebound as the ball Is out of reach for Kim Bowman of Dietrich on Thursday the few teams this season lliat has ; , . iliiftnch 9-3"lo lake .n 23'-l-ne Iul at’ ' ley's 2-rzon»rdcfense, lost it seven Oakley was l5-for-30 Irom the iieicl . Mc Key followed with a basket and s*-ven foul shots for a 91-81 lead. 'Uie Hawkeyes in the remaining min- CX when Scott, took control, gelling Utah 90 ^ BYU86— — — S.

_ — O MISTER EO A Oil S COt Umn-' ■ ist lures Wilpur to design n bnach house. Kal Uilvcr won the junior \mnnty ■ Bob Larison and Chri.s Hill had 10 preliminary. N — Brian Hall scored 22 points apiece for Hansen, while Erick , p.oint? iin-,, it-rrirr KT Ar.,irr keiball riciorv over Raft River here improved its ason record • ^ j'-.'/;;;;;. to 5-13 and 3-7 in league s, ' The Huiltie-s took a 13-1 fir^t quar- while Raft liivcr.dropped-Ui 2-1 1 and vnirt ter lead and held the Troian.s at a 6- 1 -9. ’ AIU' Itiis "I’li Miiion and I’," with Arinand A,‘rkanto and Rod iwo-|mr UT bii Hod on thu intri F(ue Mumiiindin K tlie iippor-eniut mur- der of Sir Haro’ Onka in the Rnhn- imi H dtiriiii' World War II, That airs i'Vh, 19 and 20, In iiddilion lobriii)(in); U. NIGHTLY BUSINESS REPOn T WHEEL OF FORTUNE n O O COSBY SHOW Ociniso Ui05 loox-. OO fl BICJ • ”Tncr C‘Wfr"n35Sf paper, (In Slotuoig nom-meol C':ir» Kc-iiy, A(dt. Q O Otiai NIGHTINGALES (In Stereo) ■ i») HONEYMOONERS Ralph lakes Ed on u business trip, and discovers mat being his brother s keeper is not all It's cracked up to bo. •The Time-s-New's- to 7-poini deficit Trom that point on. why shomcoivod , injiitbw-nwirligo'g VScjii onjintnoiisb fl. Richard becomes involved in a medical aid progtam; Wayloo Mane falls tor a officer; Dodger gets ready to leave. Giamatti had spearheaded the search to find a quali- Wlii U-. "Ju-st on the ba- leading reixiuiider with 12 per game 7Im«'s-A’c«-s icrifer ' sis. - (SHOWJ MOVIE *** "Moniono- -fwei, Comody) Susan An- Tuesday (1985, Horror) Ctiris Sarandon, V ham Rapsdalo, O MOVIE **'.u "Doyond Tom or- ro*v '7i930, Faniasy) Richard Can- son. CD TO DE ANNOUNCED CD VIDEO DISC JOCKEY • Cuntitiuoil from Pii):o *J M'hediile, Thtjiii;li ituire will be nolhliii; to oom]mi'i' will) till' anibiliiiuh ei)! O MOVIE -Ifin GSy-Divbt: coo " (1934, Mur.iccit) Fred Aoimtf*. He iiim direcnor Wednesday - SHOW MOVIE »« Tlui Datijafian L' (1907, ranioiy) Puluf an U David Paul, nicnara Uyncn. CD MOVIE ••• ' norium D- m Manlial Uti (198-1, nomanci') Ginrjur Mogi-rr,. to load Hansen w a 46-39 'Iblford paced Trojfcn.s with lb 'n*a«^M4r. : CSl cagers face weekend ro ad trips American wins World ^pine Bv LARRY HO\'EV ’ orado fif.-l'.' he .‘'aid. : MOVIE * "Ulind Fist ot Druco " ()90t.-Ad Yeniyre) enico Li,- Yoon Shui Tu. try movio-makinc} O NASHVILLE NOW miajrt UBDER^b E^HOTE-.. CD REMINGTON STEELE Laura and — Pc.'n-'igum-aro-litfcd to locata-a-matt— who has disappeared with a vafunbio' chocolate chip cookie recipe. MISS BUSS Cd -O TUU CAN BE A STAR O REMOTE CONTROL © IK)* MICHELLE PHILtt PS; AT-TME IMPROV Aciross-siiigor ‘Michelle Phillips welcomes Jolt Jena, Jordan Brady. £D ENGLISH PUBS The loro and tra- dition ot-Ei Hrli&li levernn -©money Line O EVENT OF THE DAY Q SCHOLASTIC SPORTS AMER- ICA O SPENSER; FOR HIRE Hawk vol- tinlecra to protect the life of a ml- onied Out itrm.p m HOME SHOPPING G) WORLD MONITOR Chiislian Sci- (,’iico Monitor mrwr: mpoil. 'll r, tiiant iilalpm, froni V.nil, Colo (R) 03 SELF IMPROVEMENT GUIDE SHOW MOVIE •• Ami.-r-can Nirija 2 The Conlron Mlion ' (iyu7, Aclvun- TCrur Mrdn Tu TTJi JEd’r Siov'r TD. tbu trynfilion finni'Vii'ti Mtlly h Hiideriill* iii K six ujiisiiduii lo lliit assembly line of lurninn out an episoiie a week has been tyid.

ol lain actor Sal Muiuo |ln (D WAR ANO PEACE IN THE NU- CLEAR AGE Amiirica i: ruliimcu on 111 ) tuiclear bogmo m tin) 1950i;, atomic vtuaponri du Nvirr ilijn • do Miuciivo power cheaplyan’d ullec- tivoly, (Part 3 ol 13)q n-fr Mig Tg AH'g raepmf^Q y ERv Qp THE WORLD Juan-Mictiul Couiil Oitu and hi! ' U, TONIGHT SHOW Ho M Jofmny Carson (In Sluiiro) («l NIGHTLINE :j “f O:3B'e S'M‘A‘S'H " "" O PATTY DUKE SHOW -i; CD (11) PAT 5AJAK SHOW a 'll) IDAHO REPORTS LEGISLA- TURE 'B9 CD SEARCH FOR TOMORROW CD VIDEO DISC JOCKEY g) W- VIETNAM WAR WITH WA'L- ^Tinr CUUNKITe All ..'yuvatr A):i S ac-"‘ - _^cuijni ol a louiiimmm patrol with an "‘Aiiietidiin combat unit m 1970. OALLINTHE FAMILY it appears “"uirila Iiart'ro5tnrifaii T.‘{Fnfr I' of 2) _ CIN MOVIE • Positivo I. O VOU CAN BE A STAR Q LEADING EDGE Hum luclinolnpy n'jsuia man and Ins tioodc e D SPORTS LATENIGHT © SPORTSCENTER O ’'nribu cruaturii.uil'Tiiu Wundu'— Years," llie litisbantl-wil'e U’lim iil' Nuiir Marleiis ami (.binil Blacit. in the ’second half nnd got u.s some turnovers," If enthusiasm wa.s lacking, it's he cause both teams had already quali fied for the .state A-4 tournament which will begin at Twin Falls High School next Thursday, "Oakley will gel the higher seed at state, but iron- ically that puls the Hornets in the same bracket with once-beaten Cam — bridge, tho'pro-stntc toumnineri fa vorile. Oakley made it awful tough on Di clrich after the Hornets slogged ibrough an unproductive first half, shooting 8-for-21 from the field and gulling'bulreb'ou'n3e(l T5'-91 "Their sire didn't bother us," said _ _ _ . Hnic Bcored 2() points,- grabbed — three— Jirsli'- and-eix— rebound R-to - J .shaluu.thu-ilorncts-oul_o Llhcir dol- drums, helping turn back 'threats by the Devils in the second nnd third quarters. ^'Siie's- an-iner^thlo «lhlut«Amar —vcted’Dictrich coftch Jackie Nyc of . "Halo and (guards Jennifer) Marlin, (Lori) Judd and (Holly) ;\rchibald did u good job. Then sell those unwan Uid t Umis w ill] yu Ul ( — Resul Us Ad. (and who ■ri fn ii ' i 1 .■ iinr tf irn iir and ovory Other nook and cranny. - O Jt TONIGHT SHOW Host; Jnlirmy Carson Giiet.l- s ports persoj Kiiity-^ _ ' 6 I MOVIE • * • Vcmge.m CO Valley (1951, VVeslum) Burl Lii tr, Jonnntl Otu.' ■' ' ' '• ED PAT SAJAK SHOW O BEST OF SATURDAY NIGHT ■ LIVE • O LATE NIGHT- -V/ITH- DAVID LETTERMAN (In Slcriio) . 0(12) FALL GUY D WIFFENPOOFS IN r nij'A’ [SHOW] MOVIE **’ ; •Kitlcrius not mclu Ced" (1987.

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