Dating fatboy eastenders

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Dating fatboy eastenders - who is esther anderson dating

Carmel chipped in: "You've got plenty of time, you don't need to worry."Let nature take its course."An upset Kim continued: "And what if it doesn't? No more children." Carmel tried to comfort her: "Kim, you've got a beautiful little girl.""As if you’d casually sit chatting to your mates sat on the floor in the ladies bogs at the local pub. A third blasted: "Sitting on the floor of a pub toilet in London? Your arses will be covered in p*** at minimum, possibly blood and fecal matter too.""Who sits on a dirty pub toilet floor? Luckily viewers will have three days to recover from the vomit-inducing toilet chat.

==Storylines== Linda finds it extremely difficult to come to terms with Johnny's sexuality, which leads to numerous arguments with Mick and Shirley.

Linda then convinces Johnny to come home but on their way they stop off at London's Gay Pride event were Johnny meets Gianluca Cavallo.

Gianluca and Johnny fall in love and soon head to the Queen Vic and have sex - when Johnny loses his virginity.

But whereas most kids would let it go to their head, Johnny has actually turned out to be quite a well-adjusted, kind hearted kid who loves his family... As the first Carter to attend university, Johnny has made his family proud. *On 15 September 2017, Johnny's real name is unexpectedly revealed as "Jonathan" *Johnny gets called by his Nickname more often. When Johnny, Lee and Nancy were kids and they fought Mick and Linda use to take them swimming to calm the down.

So while he enjoys the freedom of uni life, he knows he has to work hard for his Law degree. As a kid Jonny loved watching the TV Series "Ally Mc Beal", Linda use to let him stay up late every Thursday night to watch it.

Uncomfortable, but agreeing to go, Johnny was shot down by Linda... Finally admitting to Whitney that he is gay, the two launched a plan to make Linda see sense, and make up with Johnny.

With the plan cued, Johnny returned home to break the news that he was moving out, which soon prompted Linda to admit her true feelings and finally make up with him.Johnny realises that Linda is not fully accepting of his sexuality when she invites Whitney (who she thinks is pregnant) over and tries to set them up, Johnny feels hurt and betrayed and a huge argument ensues.Mick then tells Linda to fully accept his sexuality or risk losing him forever.Clearly delighted by this, little did Johnny know that his secret of being gay was about to be revealed.During a heated argument with Linda, Nancy let the cat out the bag and revealed that her brother was gay.Little did Johnny know that his mother had overheard the entire conversation... And if the situation was not already uncomfortable enough, Tina and Auntie Shirl made it their priority to rock the boat with Linda all the more.

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