Dating affection

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So I began sitting where I would not be distracted by one particular couple during church, but this cannot be avoided in our Bible studies which are in a home.

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I've been trying to get used to it for a year now, and I still don't want to see it.Not too long ago, I had the pleasure and opportunity to think about public displays of affection and dating. Wait, first, what are public displays of affection anyway?Why was I thinking about that and what on earth was I doing? Public displays of affection, or PDA’s, could be kissing, hugging, holding hands, groping, an ass smack, or any kind of “getting close” in a public place in front of other people.Essentially, you need to know what’s good for you and your partner. I believe relationships are like puzzles you have to put together, when a piece (or two or three) doesn’t fit, then you’re just asking for trouble. That’s what dating someone is all about, seeing if the puzzle pieces fit. This includes NOT crossing their comfort level boundaries. For me, I need to stay within MY comfort level and the person I’m dating needs to be on the same page, if they’re not, then, well, we both need to find someone who is a better fit. If you've got a question about anything related to singleness or living the single life, please submit it to : I am a 31-year-old single female and have a question regarding public displays of affection among married people.

At my church there are several newlyweds, some of which are very affectionate during services and in Bible study settings.

I e-mailed my pastor about it for advice and his response was that there are a lot of distractions in church and gave the suggestion of sitting in the front.

He also encouraged me and the other singles to be righteous in our conversations and be guided toward 1 Corinthians 13:1-8 and away from gossip and carnality.

I've always attended predominately African American churches, and my church is more diverse racially.

This topic was brought up at dinner among singles who attend my church and others were uncomfortable with it as well.

I am already placed in the “tarnished” category (whether they admit it or not), so I can’t give them reason to think I really am that! How do you explain that to someone who isn’t part of that culture?