Consolidating erp systems

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Consolidating erp systems - validating steam files 100 complete

Jay Nixon and support from the Legislature -- support that continues throughout state government.“It is certainly an honor for our state to be mentioned alongside Utah and Michigan, and there are literally thousands of hard-working individuals that have been involved in our efforts,” Robyn said.

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As a group, the states are doing well and even the states with lower grades didn’t drop by much, Sander said.“The fact that Utah is consolidated into a single IT organization helps us a lot because we can really focus resources, and everything comes under a common direction.” Utah’s IT organization was consolidated in 2005 by the state Legislature, pooling all cabinet-level IT functions into one central agency.Utah Chief Information Officer Mark Van Orden agreed that consolidating IT functions has given the state a huge advantage that has translated into more online services and a higher rate of civic tech adoption than many other states.Utah now offers about 1,100 online services, Van Orden said.“Last year we had over 33 million transactions that the public performed online,” he said.“All three of the As have done a lot in that regard.” Utah Chief Technology Officer Dave Fletcher cited the state’s project management as one of the key reasons for the continued success.

“Utah has a good portfolio management process that we use every year that makes sure we’re doing things in every area,” Fletcher said.All 12 states with decreased grades dropped by just one step, going from an A- to a B , for instance.The distribution of grades is trending up in 2014, with eight states in the A range, the same as in 2012, and 30 states in the B range, up from 22 in 2012.Florida’s bump from a D to a C was facilitated by legislation that revived the state CIO’s office for the second time in recent years.Missouri’s jump from a B to an A was partially the result of work done around collaboration.The public expects to be able to interact with their government using new convenient technologies, and with the new services that states like Utah are delivering, that expectation is being met, Sander said.

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