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Connection costa dating love marriage rica - lesbian girl dating

One of my male friends was wasted and needed to sleep, so I let him have the spare bed. I asked if everything was alright,and he told me he woke up to couch friend sucking him off.Another male friend drank too much and asked to sleep on the couch, I agreed. He pushed him off and stumbled back to his dorm room.

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I felt terrible, and told him I would help him press charges if he wanted.

No matter the reasons, there's no excuse for what he did.

The assault alone was terrible, but the state he left her in with the beating added to it messed her up for years. She's 28 now and doing better, but still has mental health issues.

Some of us heard the commotion and ran upstairs, caught him mid-act with her bloodied and unconscious.

We grabbed him, kicked the crap out of him, took him downstairs, bound him, and called the police.

As we were going up to camp, he was talkative, but coming back he was quiet.

I started talking to him on the bus about it and after a while, he told me that these bigger, older kids would come into his cabin and mess with him.

Being the shallow 21-year-old I was at the time, my first thought, unfortunately, was, 'Wow, she's homely!

' My next impression of her, however, was that she was extremely friendly, funny, and smart. When she went back upstairs, I told my friend that I liked his girlfriend.

Our team had gone to a wrestling camp and there was a small freshman kid on our team.

I think he wrestled the 98-pound weight class, so he was small.

It goes to show that no matter how well you know someone, some people are capable of crappy things that you could never imagine them doing." "I was married for 10 years.