Chat with slags

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Chat with slags

", but tell him that his father Balthas wants him to come home.He'll tell you to speak with Vegeir, the Slag leader.

As for his long-term future at the club, one wonders how he can continue there. Partridge says that the modern slag insulting meaning is a corruption and shortening of slack-mettled.Certainly the associations between slack, loose, lazy, cheating, untrustworthy, etc., are logical.The first slags were men, when the meaning was weak-willed and untrustworthy, and it is this meaning and heritage that initially underpinned the word's transfer to the fairer sex. If you directly refer to someone as a slag then yes, you should prepare for a fight.My mental image of a situation where ''slag'' is used involves two groups of chavvy women, drunk, outside a pub, late at night, fighting over someone's boyfriend.But if the intent is cruelty, then slag and slut are pretty much equal, but slut needs a little more caution (see below). Bitch and cunt (here) mean something else, they don't mean loose, they mean spiteful, cruel, nasty. Many women here are trying to reclaim cunt as a powerful word for their genitalia, and fair play to them.

But at the moment, cunt is not a word you would risk using in any society, let alone a polite one.

That's pretty much the only time you should use the term.

As a British woman, I would say the answer depends entirely on context and intent.

Also having a go at Edinson Cavani and Gregory van der Wiel in the video, Aurier didn’t hold back.

Although it did delete the video after it blew up on social media while he has also apologised to the club.

Vegeir won't let you take Jonny home until the Modoc situation is resolved. Then, and only then, will Vegeir let Jonny (with Chosen One as an escort) return to Modoc.

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