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Matt watched her walk across the kitchen and sit down at the table across from him.He suddenly realized that she was more embarrassed than him.

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She never suspected that Matt would figure out that she had seen the pictures, so she decided to just act normal.

When she opened the final picture, her heart nearly stopped.

She blushed and gasped and trembled, but could not bring herself to divert her eyes from the sizable bulge in the briefs.

It was a good twenty minutes later, a few minutes after the show ended, that Matt's distracted brain actually began to register the information that Gina needed had asked to borrow his computer. A folder that had a set of semi nude erotic pictures he had taken of himself, pictures he was going to send to his girlfriend Wendy.

Matt jumped up in a panic and ran to his room and threw open the door, to find nothing. He looked over at her room and the door was closed.

She had seen the folder on the desktop, labeled pics, and she thought it may have been pictures from a recent family vacation.

The first few pictures she opened, she could not really see the person's face, and she did not realize it was her brother Matt at all.As normal as possible, she thought, for a girl who spent several hours drooling over a picture of her brother.So she acted like she didn't see them, and he acted like he didn't know she had seen them.Normally he would've been more careful, but his parents were out of town for a few weeks and he hadn't expected his sister to use his computer.He open up the pictures and scrolled through them, one by one.He buried his face in his hands and thought about his options.

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