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Chat free in live in melbourne

In 2017, BBE are proud to team up with the mercurial DJ, producer and ordained Yoruba priest Osunlade to make this incredible work of art available on vinyl for the first time.Two heavyweight 12” records nestle in the front and back covers of a lovingly printed book containing a brief history of the Yoruba culture, Scott Marr’s evocative images and those all-important traditional oriki prayers by Maria Oggun Bemi.

“The work in this book was created in honour of the Yoruba Orisha gods.With a multitude of bands springing up all over the SA, many of these wonderful records were released in tiny numbers, making certain titles almost impossible to find.Keb Darge’s love affair with this intriguing genre happened almost by accident, while on the hunt for obscure Northern Soul records.“Dj Shadow told me I would like Garage years ago, but I didn’t listen.” Hearing a few records he liked and being assured by collectors that they were classified as ‘Garage’ got him hooked, so for the last years he’s been digging obsessively for the stuff.Knowing Cut Chemist was a collector, he suggested they collaborate on compilation, and ‘The Dark Side’ was born.The album features original artwork by Benny Montero (Pond, Gum, Kurt Vile) and will be available on Vinyl, CD and digitally. With most of the original tracks originally issued on tape in editions of between 5 and 100 copies, unless you were there at the time or have the baddest fetish for obscure Aussie music, this set is likely to open an unprecedented window for most wave riders. / OLIVER SAIN “Day One / On The Hill” (5 borough breaks) 7” 5 Borough Breaks deliver another stone cold hip hop classic in the form of Diggin In The Crates “Day One” from ’97, featuring legends Diamond D, Big L and Lord Finesse amongst the rest of the DITC crew.

Weird, dreamy and groovy are keywords for the set: taking in the lilting electro-pop of Lady On The Train by Irena Xero – which Chris & Cosey apparently used to lullaby their son to sleep – at one end, and the breezy dub sway of Squids Can Fly from Zerox Dreamflesh at the other pole, taking in total winners like Andy Rantzen ov Pelican Daughters’ serpentine bubbler Will I Dream; the Vaz-like C86 styles of Don’t Wish It Away by Ironing Music; the Severed Heads-esque budge of He Dark Age’s Holding Out For Eden; even a freakish sort of electro-ramp cut in Jesus Krist Klap Rap by MK Ultra & The Assassins of Light; and prepare yourself to swoon at the Antenna or Ludus-like charms of Take A walk In The Sun from Moral Fibro. On the B-side you can find the original sample source, Oliver Sain’s funky jazz rarity “On The Hill” which regularly brings a pretty price whenever it appears online. MEL BOULTON’S MIGHTY FIRE “Love On The Shelf / Bring Your Love Closer” (Bolton / Superdiscoedits) 7” Based in Los Angeles, Mighty Fire recorded two albums, in 19 respectively.Its concept, music and artistic direction by devotee and Yoruba priest, Osunlade.” WAREHOUSE FIND SEALED ORIGINAL COPIES Jonzuz Crew “Pac Jam” (Tommy Boy) 12” House Of Pain “Who’s The Man” (Tommy Boy) 12” BACK IN STOCK A TRIBE CALLED QUEST “We Got It From Here…Thank You For Your Service” 2LP BEASTIE BOYS “Ill Communication” 2LP COOKIN ON 3 BURNERS “Blind Bet” (Freestyle) LP COOKIN ON 3 BURNERS “Soul Messin” (Freestyle) LP WHITE VINYL DE LA SOUL “And The Anonymous Nobody” 2LP TALL BLACK GUY “Let’s Take A Trip” (first Word) 2LP TALL BLACK GUY “Let’s Take A Trip” (first Word) CD TALL BLACK GUY T-SHIRTS M, L, XL VB THEME SONG DRUM & BASS REMIX (VB) 7” NEW AUSTRALIAN RELEASES COOKIN ON 3 BURNERS “Soul Messin” (Freestyle) LP WHITE VINYL With the now classic track THIS GIRL on the white wax, this amazing release from 2009 gets a long awaited preprint and this time on coloured wax.While Rockabilly could be defined as a DIY emulation of the music of Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran and others by young American artists, Garage was heavily influenced by British bands of the day like the Beatles, Kinks and Rolling Stones.Simple drum kits, guitars and the occasional organ keep the sound honest and raw, retaining a palpable sense of excitement even to this day.KIKO NAVARRO “Twilight / Cranc” (BBE) 12” A pair of tracks from Spanish producer and DJ Kiko Navarro on glorious 12″ vinyl, providing a glimpse of his much anticipated forthcoming album ‘Everything Happens For A Reason’.

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