Chaldean dating

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Chaldean dating

Tel Keppe (or Tal Kayf as it's known by the Arab Muslims of Iraq) used to be the largest Chaldean town in Iraq.It is located less than 8 miles North East of Mosul (Nineveh) in northern Iraq.

In 1436, Tel Keppe was attacked by the Mongols, and again in 1508, both attacks resulted in the death of hundreds of its children and the destruction of many of its churches and the burning of its crops.Yousif Malik, one of the leaders of the Assyrian movement in Iraq during the 1930's. Died in 1957 in Lebanon after being forced into exile by the Iraqi government which also stripped him off his Iraqi citizenship.Nadhem Naeem Salmo: Composer and Muscian, who composed most of the well-known songs for Iraqi famed singer Nadhem al Ghazali (e.g.Forced by anti-Christian discriminatory practices in Iraq and violent terrorist acts by Muslims, the majority of its natives are now living in Detroit, MI and San Diego, CA away from their fathers' homeland in Mesopotamia.The name, Tel Keppe, is of Aramaic origin and is made of two syllables; "Tel" which means "hill" and "Keppe" which means "stones" i.e. Her name comes from its location over a ruined suburb of Nineveh, capital of old Assyria.Having been free from the control of corrupt and prejudicial Iraqi governmental agencies, those businesses quickly developed into an economic empire.

Actually, that economic power manifested itself when President Bill Clinton became, and in 1996, the first American President to ever meet with an immigrant Middle Eastern community.Tel Keppe is now considered an extension of the city of Mosul with a population close to 25,000 people.It's estimated that couple of hundreds of its natives continue to live in Tel Keppe.They were the first Iraqis to use steam ships on the Tigris river, in addition to being the first who introduced the concept of "modern days hotels" in Iraq.Their role in taking the Iraqi society from its backward tribal state into a civil and urban one was striking.So was the fate of the other Chaldean towns of Tel Esqof, Elqosh and its Rabban Hirmizd Monastery.

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