Base map updating

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Base map updating - demonoid stats not updating

As I wended my way through the side streets, I avoided a double-parked armored car and steered around construction sites.

Mapper’s solution is to create an army of part-time workers to gather data that will accrue to a huge “base map” for autonomous cars, and to update the map to keep it current.

More accurately, how Mapper doesn’t expect its drivers to work full time; Naikal says that more than four hours following the exacting directions from the app results in “cognitive overload.” Ideally, his drivers will use the app for an hour or two at a time.

In addition, when not taking directions from the app, drivers can leave the system on, and Mapper will collect the data from wherever they wander.

Think of the work as an alternative to driving for Uber and Lyft, without having to deal with customer ratings or backseat outbursts from Travis Kalanick.

The key to Mapper’s scheme is that it can create high-definition 3D maps without using lidar.

The company has created a femur-sized plastic device called the S1, which has multiple cameras and sensors that goes over one’s dashboard and a single cable connecting it to the cigarette lighter for power. “It cost 0 to make, it’s composed of commodity parts, and it is designed so it can be easily installed in any car,” says Naikal.

After installation, the Mapper app directs the driver to a predetermined route and tells him or her how quickly to go.The device is made by a San Francisco-based startup called Mapper, which comes out of stealth today after a year of development.The company’s maps don’t resemble the classic gas station fold-outs, or even the ones made by Google or Apple that have supplanted them.Every centimeter I drove, every object I encountered, and even the double line I crossed to avoid the Brinks truck was being recorded by a device affixed across the top edge of the windshield, just above the rearview mirror.Soon, thousands of people might be installing those gadgets in their cars, hoping to make some extra bucks—and, in the process, contributing to the next great crowdsourced project: a ridiculously detailed and constantly updated map of the world’s roads, readable only by the vast swarm of self-driving cars that will populate our byways.That expensive and sometimes finicky combination of lasers and radar has become the standard not only for piloting autonomous cars, but also for producing the cartography that grounds them.

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