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He also acquired land to the west of his kingdom which was formerly under the jurisdiction of the kingdom of Navarre.

By 867, the Frankish influence had started to wane, as shown by the charter of Siresa dated 867 which records regnante Karlo rege in Franza, Aldefoso filio Ardonis in Gallia Comata, Garsia Enneconis in Pampilona.

Galindo Garca, shown above, on the basis of his patronymic.

However, the name Garca is not common among the known descendants of Aznar Galndez which suggests that his father may have been another Galindo.

's sons Kings Pedro I and Alfonso I made substantial further territorial conquests from the Moors.

By the 1120s, the kingdom of Aragon was established as a major political force in the Iberian peninsula.

In about [930], the Aragonese heiress Andregoto married Garca III King of Navarre.

The couples descendants ruled both as kings of Navarre and counts of Aragon until the death of Sancho III "el Mayor" King of Navarre in 1035.If correct, this indicates the chronological impossibility that this Galindo Garca was the son of conde Garca Galndez "el Malo", as shown in many secondary sources.It is possible that he was the father of Conde Aznar Galndez, although this is not without all doubt.The same source continues by stating that when they had completed their assignment and were on their march back, they were lured into an ambush by the treachery of the mountain people, surrounded and taken prisoner, that Aeblus was sent to Cordova, but Asinarius, being a relative of his captors, was mercifully permitted to return home.The name Asinarius suggests that the Carolingian envoy may have been the same person as Aznar Galndez, who, if this suggestion is correct, had settled at the Carolingian imperial court and could later have been installed as ruler in the county of Aragon under Carolingian Frankish sponsorship.This suggestion is consistent with Aznar Glindezs choosing France as his place of refuge (returning to his Carolingian sponsors) after he was expelled from Aragon by his son-in-law (see below).] [de Aragn].

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