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For his part, the chairman of Wanda Group, Wang Jianlin, has warned that any restrictions could threaten the jobs of over 20,000 Americans.Above it all hangs the question of whether the two film industries are cooperating for mutual gain or for competitive advantage.

What will we see through it in the decades to come?

However grim these methods are, they appear to be working. Its impetus came from Hollywood: the production company was Legendary East, a Hong Kong offshoot of the American media firm Legendary Entertainment.

Its story was geared for China: the Great Wall, Song dynasty soldiers, monsters, yadda yadda yadda. Legendary Entertainment was bought for .5 billion by China’s Wanda Group. Its production was still to be a very modern mix of Chinese and American resources, but it suddenly became a cultural export instead of a cultural import.

Last year, Chinese box-office takings (.6 billion) were second only — albeit by some distance — to America’s (.4 billion).

Is Hollywood piggybacking on China to maintain its privileged ranking?

Nowadays, after a landmark 2012 deal signed by vice-president Joe Biden and premier Xi Jinping, and urged on by the dictates of the World Trade Organisation, China imports 34 foreign films a year through similar deals.

With the quota set to double, American filmmakers are sensing an opportunity.It’s now officially the TCL Chinese Theatre, after the naming rights were sold to China’s TCL Corporation in 2013.Perhaps he’d have found it reassuring to know that, although he wasn’t in China any more, China was still there with him.America’s fascination with China can be traced from the earliest days of cinema through to D. Griffith’s (2014) went even further by setting and shooting a large part of their movie in China, with appearances from several Chinese stars and several hundred Chinese products.The idea was, in part, to blur the line between what counts as an American film and what counts as a Chinese one — so that the quota needn’t matter.and its première are the result of what is becoming one of the most significant partnerships in show business, between the American and the Chinese film industries.