Adult singles dating waynesville ohio

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Adult singles dating waynesville ohio

My love and prayers to the Cooper family whom I love so much. She gave her life to her family and to the forming of Cooper Construction Co. Laura was without a doubt one of the most precious people I have ever known ~ she was my "second Mother" and she often told me that I was her fourth son.

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Shawn was one of the sweetest loving people I could ever meet. They had a great life together and that was wonderful.

He was even there for my retirement party, which meant more to me than he would ever know. I was fortunate enough to see her the next day at breakfast too-where we were able to share great conversation. Some of the times that I have laughed the hardest in my life were on road trips years ago with Becky when she appointments at Duke. This is christen grandmother Hensley Shawn was a good man and a good dad he love his kids gave me a sweet grandson just like him came over my house love my meat loft Shawn will be miss love cut up with him so funny make you laugh Shawn will be miss he was a good man and dad gave me a woundful grandson that I love very much rember Shawn came too my house eat my meat life he said that was some good meat loft he so much his stomach was hurting he wi be miss Our thoughts and prayers are with all the family and loved ones of Shawn. Dear Cooper Family, I am so sorry to have read of your loss; please accept my sincere condolences.

He was and will always be one of the most important people in my life. Although I only met Becky once, I heard a lot about her from her husband, Doug Sparks. Becky is with God now, and she is cured of everything. Dear Bill , Lynn , Jordan ,and Billy , We are so very sorry for your enormous loss !! My heart breaks for Doug, Ryan, Heather, Ross, and other family members., but praising God that Becky is looking at the face of Jesus! I was blessed to become friends with Becky when we worked in Labor and Delivery together and my husband (deceased) Jim worked with her husband and to knowing them was a great joy. We will truly miss him, for the last 20 years Shawn has always been such a nice man with a smile. Doris & Family, we send our love as we can be with you in person right now. Something that I have personally found to be of great comfort are the thoughts expressed at John , 29 as well as Revelation 21:4.

I had the pleasure of visiting Becky several times along with my other neice Deb, and together we filled her in on some of the blanks in her life. With Gale receiving chemo we want be able to be at the service, but know each family member will be in our prayers. Even though I acted like I didn't need one sometimes, he always made me realize, I did. Love & Prayers, Betty & Charles Henn Rest in peace my friend (family) rest in peace. He changed my life forever recruiting me to the wrestling team.

We will all miss her and wished we had found each other sooner. He lived next door with his grandmother (Gladys) in an apartment. He will be missed by everyone, especially His sons. He trained me every day to become strong and to overcome my asthma.

I will definitely will miss the bonfires at his house the cookout just living life the way Shawn new best. Until i see you again Doris and Family So Sorry to hear about Shawn Passing. Your Mom all ways had the prettiest and sweetest smile and was so nice. They always provided warm smiles and hugs to my family.

He became my husband and I's very close friends from the time I met him until his passing. I will all ways be thankful for all the rides to baseball practice with IMOC and all the laughs your Dad and Mom myself and all the family had over MUDBALL'S. I’m so thankful that heaven is a reality and as I told Brad, I can imagine Tommy’s big smile as e heaven. She was an excellent student and a wonderful class-mate. My dear friends ~ My heart breaks with each of yours as you have had to say good-bye for now to your precious Mom just days after your Dad's passing.My thoughts, prayers and deepest sympathy are with you all!Love each of you, Alton I am so saddened to learn of your Mother's passing. I am so sorry I was not able to be there to support you at the service and afterward. I still laugh thinking of her selling everything for a quarter at our yard sales.He was often stern (even scary), but always fair, honest and willing to listen.I felt there was an unspoken connection between us, maybe our military service and overseas tours.For whatever reason, he saw something in me that I had failed to recognize in myself. Bill & Lynn , Billy, Jordan, Terry, Debbie and Linda.