Accommodating student needs

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Accommodating student needs - post dating a check

Teachers will also sometimes change assignments orally and I will miss what they say.Then, when I turn in the assignment, I get marked down or get an “incompletion” grade, even if I have everything else correct.

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The sound just bounces off the board and away from me. I can’t understand those lone bits of sound if they don’t talk to me.When I meet new people, they do not always notice my hearing aids.They often do not understand why I do things in a different way, and it may seem weird to them.They think I am just being “difficult” or I am lying about my hearing loss.They think I am dumb or don’t have any “feelings” because I can’t hear well. They cannot seem to adjust to having a student who is hard of hearing.When this was written in 2010 he attended junior high and hoped to be a marine biologist or veterinarian someday.

He gets good grades, but has to work hard to do things that his friends who have typical hearing take for granted. With each new school year, he faces the challenges of unfamiliar teachers who probably have never worked with a student who is deaf or hard of hearing before, and classmates who have never had a peer with a hearing loss.

These handouts may be useful in understanding the impact of a hearing loss as well as for advocating for services with school or medical staff.

Select the handout that represents the average range of hearing loss for your student or child.

They will shout at me because they think I am doing something wrong, even though it is just the way I do things.

Sometimes, even when they do notice my hearing aids, they will still shout at me.

But every year, new problems pop up and he has to learn to cope. I often don’t even know if I have missed a sound, sometimes at my own expense.