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She grabs the cookies, nearly dropping them, and walks towards the door with her head down.Alex, another student in her class, quietly enters the frame and runs up to her, offering to carry her things.

You can see Alex hesitate, feeling sorry for the girl.The shower runs in the background and fogs the mirror up.Wiping away the steam, she cries at her reflection in self-pity. Kris has put a 'bake sale' sign on her car and is standing in front of it,with a tray of cookies, when the bullies come up to her.It's been every single day for the past four years. Alex asks what she is going to do to them and she responds by saying 'It's not what I'm going to do to you that matters, it's what you're going to do FOR me to get out of this!' Derek laughs and starts to get up, calling Kris a nobody.Whether it's a new dress or a girlfriend, she just has to have it.

As the girls are talking in the bedroom, Cherie is by the door looking inside.

You cum all over her, and she is so happy to see it squirt. Big titted Angel Wicky came for another ride - this time to enjoy some creampie action in her ass.

Watch those boobies bounce hard and enjoy that dripping cum at the end! Kristen Scott - The Nerds Revenge Teen Gets Revenge on Bullies by Making Them DP and Creampie Her SCENE opens on Kris, a shy 18-year-old girl, as her car slowly creeps to a stop in a corner of her school's parking lot.

He tells Derek to chill but Derek tells him to stop being a pussy and tosses him a cookie.

'Eat one,' he says, 'they're delicious.' Alex slowly takes a bite. The boys lie stretched out in nothing but their boxers.

She looks timidly at him before handing over the box and her books.